HCG injection site question !!!!
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pmblake - February 21

I have to take my HCG shot right now and I was just told by the pharmacist to give it to myself IM either in the arm or the behind... I've always given myself shots in the leg. He gave me a really really long big scary needle too. He said I might could hit the muscle in my leg but he recommended my rear. Help!! I don't want to mess this up but I would like to give myself the shot in my leg. Does anyone out there know what to do?


Blakey - February 22

I have never given my trigger shot (ovidrel) in the leg, or butt. They ( nurse, and pharmacist) always recomended the belly area. Above, below, or next to the belly button, Abdomen. You may want to double ck. with your nurse to be sure. Also, sometimes in the box your injection comes in, their is a paphlet enclosed, that tells you where the site is. The ovidrel is what I took, and again, it was always in the abdomen. Also it wasn't intamuscular. Good luck to you!


thayward7 - February 22

My HCG shots were always subcutaneous and in the leg or belly. I'm surprised they gave you an intramuscular one! I hope it worked out! Maybe if you have to do it again (hopefully not) - as for a subcutaneous one because they don't hurt and are easy to give... and just as effective! Smiles and Babydust to you! T


baby1234 - February 22

I was told that for ivf you do the hcg in the butt (ouch) no matter what and for IUI's you can give it in the belly if you are thin, otherwise in the rear also. I have never done the leg although some may have. For the shot in the butt: You should have the needle that comes on the syringe (grey) and another needle to actually do the shot with (blue). The grey needle is to mix and collect the hcg. Change to the blue needle to inject into your rear. You might be able to find an example of how to inject it on line. Try this site. http://www.ivf1.com/intramuscular-injections/ Good luck.


pmblake - February 22

Thank you so much for all of your answers! I ended up doing it in my rear - just as the pharmacist said. Baby1234, I used a pink needle to inject it. It was huge - I think an 18 gauge....I numbed my rear first so it wasn't so bad - the worst part was hearing it rip into my skin. Like I said, I typically always take Ovidrel! In the leg or belly! so this pure HcG shot was a first. I did end up showing a +OPK about 4 hours later so I know it worked. Thanks again and baby dust to all of you! (and to me too ;)


Blakey - February 24

Hi PM Blake-
I am glad it worked out for you. I have never had to mix my own HCG shot, I always had the ovidrel, which is only for the belly!!!! So you were right with your instincts! Good luck!! :)



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