HCG Injection - Too soon to test?
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HeatherP - September 28

Hi everyone! I am 10dpo and 11 days past taking the hcg injection. I know the doctor says to wait 14 days but I am such a POAS addict and don't know if I can hold out that long! Has anyone taken an hpt and gotten a false positive?


Ann1 - September 28

I took one at 9dpo (10dp hcg), and I didn't get a false positive (got a bfn, which was correct).


HeatherP - September 28

Thanks for the info Ann. I will probably wait a couple of more days if I can stand it! I am the worst at patience!


Ann1 - September 28

Also an fyi on hpts, I used the Dollar Tree ones on the cycle where I got my bfp. At 10dpo, it said bfn and I took a name brand one the next day and it was a dark bfp. So, I don't think the dollar ones work as well. Also, if you test really early, use first morning pee, even though it says you don't have to. That will give you the most accurate result. Good luck!


HeatherP - September 29

Thanks so much for the advice! I think I will try to hold off and wait to test tomorrow. I did get a few of the dollar tree brand but have a First Response Early on hand as well. I'll try that one first!


andy - October 1

I took a blood test 14 days after my HCG shot and got a BFP!!!! I did´t got a good fat colored 2 lines till I was almost 6 weeks , I really don´t trust HPTests ...Good Luck!!!


slowpoke01 - October 3

i did a dollar store test 12 days after iui and it was bfp. took another 14 days and it was bfp. had bloodowrk done 15 days and it was bfp. i had to terminate though because it was a tubal pregnancy. the dollar store tests are very accurate i think. i didnt even use first morning urine. good luck



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