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jcr - January 27

My Re said to do my hcg shot tonight. This is my first time-any suggestions? Does it have any side effects?? How and when do I start gettin' busy?? Thanks for any advise!


vijikishore - January 27

Hi, HCG shot is given to force your body to ovulate. I did not have any side-effects as such.


Mega - January 27

My bbs were usually a little more sore than usual (but they always hurt to some degree pre-AF), & it usually started about 4DPO, so too early to be a PG sign per se. But really I never had any s/e. Oh, 1 time though I did have injection site bruising, I had to do the shot in my abdomen near my belly button. The bruise didn't hurt though, just looked weird. It's really not so bad. The needle is pretty small, & I didn't think it hurt at all. At least not when my DH did it for me. :) Good luck. Babydust!


isa - January 28

I was told I would ovulate about 36 hours after the hcg shot but we dont bd we do iui so depending on your dh's counts/motility judge it by that. I dont recall ever having side effects from it other than redness and itching at the site of the shot but I get that from my injection medicine too


jcr - January 28

Thanks everyone for your advice. DH did it and it was easy! Now just waiting to ovulate and get busy! Fingers crossed and bellyrubs.


lene - January 28

good luck jcr!!! baby dust. i'm getting pregnancy test on monday 1/30. this was my 1st iui. baby dust!


jcr - January 28

lene, goodluck!! How are you feeling?? The 30th is just around the corner. How many days after hcg did they tell you to test?? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Mega, vijikishore and Isa,what day of your cycle are you all on? I am ovulating late it is day 18 for me, but better late than never I guess. Bellyrubs!


Jane - January 28

I had some pain on the site of the shot the day after... I was a little worried, but seems to be normal that it hurts more the next day...


Ann - January 28

Hi jcr, I've had 4 hcg shots. Only one shot has hurt, but all of them hurt the next day, and for a couple days, at the shot site. Since you are supposed to O the day after the shot, I count 2 days after the shot as 1dpo (since that would be one day past ovulation). I've heard of lots of people testing on 10dpo and getting a +. Some people also worry about getting a false + from the hcg shot, but I have taken a test at 9dpo (had hcg shot) and I did not get a false +. I only seem go get BFNs!!:) Good luck!



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