Having Twins with Uterus didelphys
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Amanda123 - February 14

I am trying to get pregnant again and am having trouble, I have a double uterus and double cervix, I have 1 child and had a misscaraige in july 2006, but with both perenancys i got pregnant in the first month of trying, since then i have been having irregular periods ranging from 8 days apart to 2 months apart , they are either very heavy lasting 9 days or are very light lasting 14 days, i have been talking to my Doctor and My OBGYN about starting fertility, but am getting mixed feed back from them, one says starting the drugs will be ok and the other one says that if i get pregnant with twins in one uterus would be a harmful, so my question is, has anyone gone through this and if you have what was the out come. Thank You


Mindy1 - February 17

Hi There! I do not have that, but from what I have heard and read, uterus didelphys is common, 1 in 1000 ppl have it. Normally doctors dont prescribe fertility drugs right off the bat (mine wouldnt until I had been trying for 1 yr straight) Is one uterus bigger than the other? thats probably why they dont want you to use fertility medication, just incase they dont end up both in the smaller. as far as if you are asking if each baby was ina separate uterus, it is still possible to give birth. I read a story about that in the paper.... heres the link:


Mindy1 - February 17

oops, take out any of the dashes (-) I guess it wont let me link.


Amanda123 - February 18

Hi, MIndy I do have one smaller uterus, it is the left side and for both of my pregnancys i got pregnant in the right side. and yesterday i started the fertility testing and have to go for blood tests every 7 days, have you gone throught the fertility process? if you have what did you go through, none of my friends have gone through it so im not really sure what i'm in stall for.



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