Having sex everyother night, would that help?
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Wondering - April 2

I am wonderin if anybody tried having sex every other night, instead of every night? Would that help? I have been reading somewhere online, that man needs at least 48 hrs to recharge lol...pls let me know if you know about it...


p - April 3

my RE said every other night when trying naturally. We now into iui's and they need 3-5 days abstinence before iui.


kare21162 - April 3

Yes, having sex every other day helps because sperm can last for a couple days in you. Every other day it best because it does need a rest, lol!!! That is what me and my DB are currently doing.


Melissa - April 3

I've heard the same thing from my OBGYN. She recommended we try every other day & said every day was too often.



Thanks a lot for your responds...from tonight i will try it too...every other night..and see what happens...Hope it works,,,fingers crossed for all of us...



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