Having regular period may not be fertile?
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: ( - December 14

Can anyone advise, does one have regular period every month may not be fertile also?


F R I E N D - December 17

im also wondering about that. My period was always regular. I stop using pills last august 2003 and since then i have been having unprotected sex with my husband. Now I am 19 days late but all urine test were all negative.


Pinkywantsbaby - December 21

Yes, I also have a very regular cycle like clockwork. I just had a laparoscopy done and hysteroscopy... I found my dx's and hope it all turns well for us all. TC and happy holidays :)


susan - December 21

pinky thanks for your answer. I am like clock work i can guess to the hour i will get my period. Ive had a few hormone tests come back normal, now i will have to ask my husband to get his sperm tested how do you ask such a question?


Pinkywantsbaby - December 21

Hey Susan., Well I did'nt have to ask Hubby my OB/GYN and RE suggested letting him know he had to do one. Besides that, I talked to him letting him know that this should be very important to us both. Talk to him, he should understand. Let him know how you feel and ask him how he feel about doing the s/a. TC Happy Holidays :)


Tory McIntire - December 29

After i had my first baby in 2001 i wanted to wait a year or so, so i whent on Depo for about One year. Keep in mind before Depo all my Periods were always regular,and now it's been 24 months off of Depo and my Husbent and i are TTC. Having said that .my periods are not regular at all, or not even peresnt sometimes even for Three to four months. But from time to time there is some spoting. I am sure i am ovulating, but will my periods have to be regular to get pregnant. Please help Thanks Tory mcintire.


a - January 4

Im not sure if this helps any body but For like two years I never used anything what so ever for birth control and never got pregnant (thank goodness I would of been with the wrong guy, to young, and not ready!) I thought for sure something was wrong with me. Then one month with my husband, I forgot to renew my birth control pills, and I figured i'd be fine, but I got pregnant the very first month.
Im not sure why I didn't get pregnant before. Maybe it was him?


kok - January 6

hi and so sorry 2 say.... yes you can be infertile and still have regular periods.


Susan - January 7

Yes, unfortunately. I went to the OB/GYN to see why I haven't been getting pregnant and she told me that although I'm getting my period I'm not ovulating. I get my period because the lining becomes unstable and sheds, nto because I've completed the ovulation process. Im having some blood work done to see if I can ovulate (maybe with a little help from Chlomid)


tory - January 8

ya but you get your period i have been pegnant twice so i should be able to have a nother one but with no periods i wonder, any ways i know that depo did something,


Shell - January 15

I was told by my doctor that if you have a normal cycle, you are most likely ovulating and can most likely get pregnant. I don't know how much I believe this because my husband and I have been trying for over a year and a half to conceive and I have very regular periods. Good luck to you. :)


tory - January 17

Thanks Shell i whent to a doc and he put me on meds because of the no periods the meds are to help me lose weight and get regular periods, its called METORMIN it's also will help with with ttc. My doc would like me to lose 50bs within 6 months. I know i can do it but i would not be that much weight if it wasnt for the DEPO that i been off for 24 MONTHS anyways hope everything works out for you.



Ash - January 20

That was my question too. I have a 1 1/2 year old and have been TTC for 5 months now. I just had an early m/c so i am doing the ovulation test. I have been testing for about a week now (from the time they say to test - according to my cycle) and it says no ovulation yet. My obgyn is doing different tests to see if something is going on.


tryin4baby - January 22

tory, i've been put on metformin. from what i have been told, metformin which is the generic of glucaphage is a diabetic medication. it does not help you loose weight and doesn't help you get your period. there is a slightly higher risk at getting pregnant with it though but it is not used for infertility treatments. i was not put on the medication for any other reason other than being insulin resistant. now this information came from my reg.OBGYN and the infertility specialist that I have been seeing. They did say however, the metformin could help to loose weight but it is with diet and exercise. i've been hoping that the medication would help me ttc but i have had no luck yet. they did also say that if you are prone to miscarriages that it could help you to hold onto the pregnancy. like i said, this was what i was told and any research i did that was the understanding i had about it. i could be wrong though. good luck ttc.


tory - January 27

well it's been a week ive been put on METFORMIN and i got a nor period for once in 24 months i know that this has helped me. i never really had a problem ttc before i aways had a period. after my Dh on went on DEPO and never had a normal period at all but with this med i can get a period every month and also ovulate. I know i have to diet and workout to lose the weight and we will see if i get peg now that am ovulating, if in 6 months i dont get peg i will go back to docs to run some tests. Maybe METFORMIN wont work for others but i am one step ahead then what i was. THANKS for all the input . TORY



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