Having pains in lower abdomen at 4 - 5 DPO
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littlenenita - November 3

I have been having on and off funny pains in my lower abdomen today and yesterday. An odd feeling. I am only 4 or 5 DPO, so I know it is very early yet for PG symptoms. Did anyone have similar pains this early on, and then later find out they were pregnant?


kc - November 3

It is really is not too early for implantation. Implantation occures between 6 and 9 days past ovulation, however, you may have ovulated sooner than you estimated or implanted early. It's a good sign. Good luck. I'm crossing my fingers for you.


littlenenita - November 3

KC, thanks for the reply. I am hoping for the best but I will not bank on it. The darn waiting game tortures me! Every little thing i think "is it a symptom"??? Every month! Then I wind up laughing at myself! I dont stress over it, but my mind just wanders.


T - November 3

I had cramps around 7 dpo but thought it was all in my head. Then I got the bfp. So who knows? Just try not to think about it. Easier said than done.


Allie - November 3

What EXACTLY do the pains on your side feel like? I am waiting for NO af on 11/12. I have had a pain in my side (but could be all in my head). It is not constant, but when it comes it doesn't feel like a (period) cramp, but sort of like a little "twinge"....can't really explain. What SHOULD it feel like. Also, my chest is sore, but not so much ON the nipple, but around the breast...is this a sign? I think I am only around 3 days past ov??? but too early for af pains. Thanks for any info.



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