Having HSG on Tues and SCARED!
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KDR - April 14

I am terrified of this dye test. I hear and read it's painful. Then I wonder what am I going to do if my tubes are blocked??? Can anybody give me some ideas/advice about what to expect???


bj - April 14

Everyone has a different experience with the dye test. I've heard a lot of women say it didn't hurt a lot. I am sorry to say that mine was painful. Not trying to make it worse for you, just being honest. Anyway, I had one tube blocked. Found out it was because of endometriosis, so I had to have surgery. Everyone is different though. Take some tylenol or something before the procedure. It should help a little. I took the whole day off work just so I could go home and rest. That was nice, not having to go back to work after that. I hope everything goes well with you. Good luck!


Lynn - April 14

KDR......Like bj said, everyone is different. I will say mine was painful also. I was instructed to take some pain releiver before it but...it did nothing for me. It is a cramping feeling because they are putting something in your uterus that should not be there. Best of luck and hopefully you will have good news. I was told results right after I changed back into my clothes.


aish - April 14

dont worry, feel good as u r been tested think poisitive,,,,u will feel pain while doing it ,but if test r good then its worth it...i had pain but when dr. said u r alright then all pain went away...wish u all the best... u can have pain killer before the procedure


cw - April 14

just to let youknow that i had the test done 2 days ago and a pap yesterday and i would have to say that they were about the same for me. it was not painful at all. i was more nervous about it hurting then i was about the results. take a couple of advil before and you should be fine. good luck!!


Ericka - April 15

Like some other ladies said, everybody's experience is different. As for me my doc had me on antibiotic for 2 days prior and 3 after. They told me to take 800 mg of some pain killer 1 hr before. The whole thing was real quick, but that could be because my tubes were clear. The only part that was real uncomfortable was when they pass the dye through. That lasted about 20 sec. It feels like horribly horribly bad cramps. I have heard that your chances of conceiving are higher after the HSG since your tubes are spick and span and that was true fore me. 6 days after mine, I got pregnant. I'm wishing you clear tubes and the same kind of luck I had.


wannabeamom - April 15

KDR, my hsg was not painful. I had some discomfort during the xray. But nothing major. I took an 800mg Ibusprofin 2 hours before. That coul dhave helped. I was fine immediately following as well. GL with yours and let us know how you are.


Jaqi - April 15

I had it done twice. The first was worse than the other because he used a lot more dye and was rougher than the second doctor. All in all, it's not too bad. You should take antibiotics starting 2 days before, and 3 days after, total of 5 days. You can take some ibuprofen 2hrs before. You will feel pressure like bad cramps but they are tolerable. Just try to concentrate on the screen and watch the dye go through. It looks like swirls. My left is open and my right is blocked. I had a lap done and found out I have endometriosis and possibly PCOS. The dye test will only show a blockage and sometimes any problems with the uterus. After they are done with everything, you might feel a little tiny burn sensation with you pee BUT it's nothing! Just from the catheter. I went back to work afterwards....I had no choice because nobody would work for me...lol...Just take it easy the rest of the day. The will tell you, you might bleed for 2-3 days afterwards. It's like spotting. Nothing exiciting..lol Just relax in there....you will be surprised how smooth it goes.



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