Having a orgasm???
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Stacy - May 6

Does a female have to have a orgasm during sex in order to get pregnant?


K.C - May 7

No she does not. there are many women who never have orgasms. it is very unlikely but you dont even have to have sex to get pregnant. as long as sperm gets in and up to the egg.


Heather - May 7

No you don't have to... It just helps is all. The cervix contracts and acts like a vacuum and pulls the semen up into the uterus when you orgasm... Just a helper but not required (well for some it is required or he doesn't get any :)


curious - May 8

Is having an orgasm while you are pregnant bad for you? Does it do any harm?


? - May 8

no you dont have to orgasm,im sure people who get pregnant as result of rape dont orgasm! my friendwho has a kid never had one till recently! and to curious no an orgasm wont hurt your unborn baby.



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