having a hard time keeping positive
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wannabeamom - February 14

I have been ttc for over 3 years and finally decided to go get help 4 months ago. I found out I don't always ovulate even though my AF is always 28-30 day. I took clomid 50mg for 3 months. This month I took 100mg. I take progesterone starting day 17 every cycle. After all of this, I feel like I am obsessing and it is bring me down a bit. My DH is very supportive but I don't want to worry him. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to cope?


Mega - February 14

It's not easy esp. when you add fertility drugs to the mix, all those hormones playing with your mind. You got help though, your dr's are figuring out what's wrong. I think this forum is a good start for venting, letting out your feelings. Maybe taking long walks, or taking up yoga (both things I want to do, enjoy doing but have yet to start building the habit). Something like that, relaxes you, gives you an outlet, etc. Good luck! Hang in there!


Tracy - February 15

I feel the same way. Most of the time I just wish I could give up, but I know I can't. I feel at this point that I need to see a therapist, because I don't even feel positive about this experience anymore. I'm over it; tired of being let down, and constantly waiting for something, whether it's to ovulate, get bloodwork, start pills, get AF, etc........ I don't want my husband to know how down I am, but i think he sees it anyway. My heart goes out to you and I wish you the best of luck. Big hug to you...


bj - February 15

I agree, this column is a good place to start. Just letting some of your feelings out helps. Tracy, I would talk to your husband. He may help you more than you think. Go through this together. I wasn't honest with my husband at first, and I found that we would get in the stupidest arguments. Now that I'm honest with him, and let him know how I'm feeling, it's much better. Knowing that he supports me and that I can just cry on his shoulder had been such an encouragment for me. It really helps when you're having a rotten day. Good luck to all of you!


Tracy - February 15

My DH and I are in our first year of marriage, and although I want his love and understanding, I don't want to be a downer to him. He always seems so happy and he makes me laugh constantly; I want to do the same for him. I want to make him happy, not bring him down with me. I am usually OK for a couple of days, then I have a down couple of days. I think I just want to spare him from my rollercoaster ride of emotions. He works hard and takes such good care of me, I don't want to end up being the downpoint of all his days. Now do you see why I'd rather see a therapist? I'm sure being on clomid hasn't helped my emotions either. I have also gained weight within the last two cycles of clomid and hate that too. I'd like to exercise, but just always feel like curling up into a little ball. Thanks for letting me vent and for your suggestions.


wannabeamom - February 16

Thanks for the support. I am glad I found this site and there are other people I can talk to. Tracy you are right, it is definately a waiting game. I find that very frustrating also. Especially waiting for AF. Constantly wondering if this is THE month. I will say that if I need a good cry, my husband is right there for me. Goodluck Mega, Tracy, & BJ. Stay in touch.


bj - February 16

Hey, Tracy. I am glad that you want to talk to someone. Keeping everything bottled up inside isn't healthy. I understand you're not wanting to bring your husband down, but can I say one more thing. My husband loves the fact that I let him know when I'm having a hard time. It makes him feel likes he's a man, and he's taking care of me. (Those were his words.) I tried hiding my feelings from him, because like you, I didn't want to bring him down. I'm not trying to preach at you or anything, please don't think that. I hope I'm not offending you or anything. I just know that it has helped our relationship by my being honest with him. Everyone is different though, and I applaud you're knowing you need to talk to someone. Please take care and keep in touch!



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