Having A Few Drinks...Impair Conception?
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sherry - October 7

Would going out to dinner, and having a few cocktails around conception time, or the "sex to concieve" time, hinder you from getting pregnant? just curious! thanks:)


Sophie - October 7

I don't think so...a glass of wine would be fine. have fun and enjoy the party.


Mega - October 7

I really don't think that would be a problem at all. Think how many people conceive (accidently or not) in a night of drunken sex! Good question though. So, go out, enjoy those cocktails & hopefully it'll be your night!!! Plus, & this is just my opinion (not scientific fact) cocktails could relax you & that could be beneficial. Baby dust!


sherry - October 7

well, then i agree...it's PARTY TIME! lol. thanks gals:) as always, you say just the right things. hugs, sherry


KSM - October 7

it doesn't impair getting pregnant it's just the health of the fetus is why they say not to drink. i believe it decreases the mobility and count of sperm as well. good luck


K. - October 11

Not at all... I read that alcohol don't affect the baby until implantation... so don't drink around that time...



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