having a bad day.
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Sally - January 20

Im alone today as hubby is at work its now 4:56 pm and im sitting here it dark and im feeling very sorry for myself. i just needed someone to talk to. everyone i know is out at work. i have been ttc for 15 months and have coped ok till sister in law said she is pregnant after a few months of trying. she is 33 and im 30, i cope really well normally and do something to take my mind off it all but today is a bad day. i feel like crying and ive got noone who knows how i feel exept all of you. i have a perfect cycle we are both healthy and i take vitamins i dont drink or smoke, i stand on my head after making love and im a very nice person that will do anything for anyone. i just dont understand why im not pregnant! everyone one says it will happen but i dont see it, how did my sister in law do it??? she drinks eats junk and is so selfish!!! Anyway thankyou for listening. X


me - January 20

I understand you frustration. It is hard to be happy for someone else when it is so hard for you to conceive. I tried for 11 months and was diagnosed with PCOS in August. I used to have sex every other night in the pm and nothing. For me, we tried having sex one time in the morning and BAM...we nailed it. We got pregnant. Granted it took a while to do, but we did it. It will happen for you too! On a positive note, you have 2 healthy people with no problems that you know of, so you are better off than most people trying. It could be something as simple as your timing. Try to stay positive and enjoy your husband. It will happen for you! Good luck!


sally - January 20

thank you for your encouragement. congratulations on your success. i know we will get there i just need to hang on in there.


Nata - January 20

Sally, I know exactly how you feel. I know women who get pregnant without any plan or desire to be a mom at the moment. Why does it happen? I don't have the answer but I know that we should not compare ourselves with anybody else. Everything happens for a reason. I'm very sad because I got my period two days ago (after taking fertility drugs). It's so frustrating! I try not to stress my husband with this issue because it will only make things harder to happen. I try to relax and believe that it will happen. Hopefully sometime soon! Yesterday my dr said "you will get pregnant". That simple sentence made me feel more confident. So I tell you now... you will get pregnant! I hope your day gets better. Always remember that you are not alone in this boat! We are here to support you.


sally - January 20

thanks Nata i am feeling better thankyou, sorry you didnt have anyluck this week, that one little sentence does make i difference, its just i have noone i can talk to im home alone all day every day. i put a front on with my freinds as they have had babies with no problem or dont want them so noone understands, although i have found out one of my neighbours is trying but i havent spoken to her before and id love to aproach her but how do you start a conversation like that? this forum is fantastic.


Nata - January 20

Sally, I guess talking to woman who is in the same situation that we are is always very helpful. Maybe your neighbor can be a nice friend of yours. Even if you don't talk to her about pregnancy right in the beginning I think you can still try to be close to her. It's always nice to have someone to talk to. Then, if you became friends, you will be more comfortable to talk about everything about everything (specially pregnancy). Good luck!


Dee - January 20

hey Sally...sorry you are having a bad day. i know exactly how you feel about being alone except for the people on this site. ALL of my friends are either pg right now or have kids...so i'm all alone too. i was having a really bad week starting this last weekend because i found out that 3 of my friends are pg and an old friend of mine just had twins...and AF had just shown up, so it was just hard having all of that piled on me in one day. i also dont understand why women who are selfish or dont even want children get to have them and the women who want them the most have such a hard time having them...guess it's all in God's plans. i just hope God does have a child for all of us who are trying so hard. Nata is right...it cant hurt to talk to your neighbor...plus it could be very helpful to have someone so close to you that understands what you're going through. well good luck and God bless all of us...i hope everyone in here gets that bfp they've been waiting for!


Nata - January 20

Hi Dee. I also hope God does have a child for all of us who are trying so hard. In fact, I hope he does have more then one child! For how long have you been trying?


Dee - January 20

hi Nata! dh and i have been trying for 2 yrs and 3 months and haven't had 1 pregnancy yet. i'm 22yrs old and dh is 23...i'm in pretty good health, but dh is overweight and smokes (1 pack every 3 days). i have a tilted uterus, but my cycles are normal (28-29 days)...i'm just hoping my uterus isn't the problem, otherwise i'll have to get surgery to make it sit where it's supposed to. i surely hope God does have more than 1 child for all of us as well, but if i only get 1 i will still be very happy and thankful. how long have you been trying for? some days i swear it feels like forever, but i try to tell myself to not be so impatient and it will happen when the time is right (i just wish it was the right time right now!). lol hopefully this will be the year we all get pregnant though.


Tracy - January 21

Hey Sally, if you want to strike up conversation with your neighbor, but don't know how, do what I do. I just state (somewhere appropriate in the conversation that I am having) that my husban and I have been trying to conceive for a while and just started fertility treatments. I see so many women with children every time I am at work, I say hello to the kids and tell the mom that we are trying and the conversation usually blossoms from there. I am pretty open with everyone I meet, and that usually gets others to open up their own bag of worms. I have met sooooo many people who had to do fertility treatments in order to have a child, but I never would have known if I hadn't been open first. And let me tell you, you are not alone. Visit the "Belly Bumps" thread and you will see how many of us go through the depression and such. Pop in and join us!


jencle - January 21

Hey Sally- I'm sorry you're down. I am in the same boat...I've been TTC for over a yr. I'm 30 and my hubby is 28. We both are healthy and "nomal" w/ all fertility tests. I just finished my second round of IUI (unsuccessfully). My sis called me on the day AF showed up to tell me she is pregnant...the whole family kept it a secret for 8 weeks because they felt bad for me. When she finally told me she said they only had sex once the month they conceived (she could have left that detail out)......Oh yes- my neighbor next door is expecting as well and her husband has asked me to throw her a baby shower....I find it REALLY difficult to have a smile on my face and be excited for everyone around me....it seems everyone is pregnant except me!
So try to stay positive and vent here whenever you need it! I'm sure pg will happen for you!


Sally - January 21

Thanks everyone, all very good advice. Hubby is working from home today so he can sit and hug me. (i need it) i have read some of the other stories and it is surprising we are all still sain!!!!! its enough to send us mad, lol. im trying to be positive and im even looking at reflexoligy as i heard that can help. so new year new attitude. (or so i keep telling myself!) Thanks and good luck to you all. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Nata - January 21

Hey everyone. Dee, four years ago I was exercising hard and my period stopped showing up. When we decided to TTC I had to go to a fertility dr in order to get drugs and start ovulating. We tried for the first time in Dec/05 but nothing happened. Then we tried for the second time in Jan/06 (with IUI) and af just showed up few days ago. B/c I was overstimulated this last time, now, I have to wait one month without trying. It's so sad! I can't even try! I'll see my doctor againg on 2/15/06 and then hopefully I'll be able to try againg. I feel like this month will last forever! Sally, I'm glad you are trying to be positive. Good for you, girl! Tracy and Jencle, nice to meet you. I guess we are all on the same boat... we all want to be a mom... let's believe our time is comming... sooner than we imagine. Good luck to you all. Take care.



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