Have you guys tried Luna?
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Jessica - September 8

Just wanted to know if any of you have had any success with Luna (fertility predictor) My cousin swears by it. She and her husband tried for 13 months and then she bought it and it turned out she ovulated 4 days after her period ended and she got pregnant that month. I'm going to try it out this month.


Sophia - September 8

Hi Jessica, never heard of Luna fertility predictor....if your cousin swears by it maybe there's nothing wrong giving it a try....where can u buy that product and how much does it cost? i'm also interested trying something new.


jessica - September 9

sophia I bought last night from London Drugs and it was about $70
you should check out the website.
how long have you been trying?
This will be month 5 for me.


Sophia - September 9

I'm TTC for 18 months now....i'm here in US can i still buy that online?


Sophia - September 9

One more question...what is the website? thanks



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