Have you gotten pregnant when husband sperm had low motility
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Stacie - January 26

My husband had a sperm test his numbers were ok but showed low motility. Should I be concerned?


Nica - February 6

Yes you can still get pregnant! My husband and I pretty much just gave us last month, because his sperm test came back with very low motility and 97% abnormal forms.... given his problem and mine (PCOS) I was thinking the worst! THe funny thing is, as the doctor was telling us about my husband's frightful sperm results, I was actually pregnant at that very time!! :-)
Don't give up hope. Is your husband going to see a urologist?


cass - February 7

hi stacie. don't worry, there is still hope. my husband a very long time ago before we met had his sperm TURNED DOWN by a sperm bank because of low motility. he's gotten me pregnant 5 times!! we have two beautiful, healthy boys and another child on the way. so hang in there and good luck!


dod - March 25

is it possible getting pregnent while im on top during me n my husband having sex???


Claire - April 20

My husband has low motility, morphology and count. I'm pregnant now but had to do IVF with ICSI. If you've been trying for over 2 years you'll probably be referred to an IVF clinic - at least that's what happens in England. It probably depends how good the count is relative to the motility.


Nancy - April 27

My husband has low motility and we can not get pregnant for 4 years. Please advise


Justine - April 27

Nancy - You should definately see a fertility specilaist asap - the only option for male infertility in England is IVF with ICSI which isn't pleasant (daily injections and egg collection by inserting a needle through your vagina) but I got pregnant first-time through it and am now 12 weeks. ICSI (sperm injected into IVF eggs) is better than normal IVF which is more designed for female problems - you may get no/few eggs fertilising with normal IVF. Good luck.


Chari - June 1

I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant, but my boyfriend says he has low sperm count and it can't be his, but I know it is.Is it possible if Docs have said he is impotent or has low count???



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