have you ever bled after getting a positive test?
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help - June 11

i think i am pregnant, but i am bleeding. my period was 7 days late


Cutie - June 11

Honey, you need to see a doctor.... did you take a test and it was a positive and now you are bleeding? Are you bleeding heavy? If not, it could be the implantation or if it is heavy you could be having just a period or a miscarriage...honey, its hard to say. Good luck sweety.


help - June 12

Thanks, I think it is the worst...I just took another test (its late, but that shouldn't matter) and it came back negative. Just yesterday it said positive, twice. No doctor is available until Monday. I have a reg doctor apt on Wed, before I ever suspected pregnancy. I need to see a doc and I feel helpless. It probably was a miscarriage. That was very fast. But I did just get off the pill a month ago so maybe I just wasn't ready.



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