Have you been able to conceive after having STD's?
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apple - June 29

I have chlamydia for 8 months which worries me because I dont' know if that spreadout to my tubes and blocked them or develop PID (pelvic Inflammatory disease). I've seen 3 doctors, one suggested laparoscopy and the other 2 to wait 1 yr to see if I can conceive. I'm 28 years old, I've been trying to conceive for the last 2 months and nothing.
Has anybody been diagnose with chlamidya and had it for a while and been able to conceive? Please help!


apple - June 30

please help


,,, - July 1

hi apple, i was told i had chlamydia but i didn't know how long for which really upset me for not knowing, it then caused PID which caused alot of pain in my lower stomach. i'm now clear and been trying to conceieve for 2yrs, my first visit to the gyn is on monday which i'm really nervous about, i just pray to god that my tubes aren't blocked...,. good luck


::: - July 1

I was told I had chlamydia when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I was treated and the baby was fine. I was also able to concieve again 2 years latter. I then concieved again and had a m/c. I am not sure how long I had chlamydia because I had no symptoms. My guess is 8- 9 months thanks to my dear hubby at the time.



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