Have question about content of semen
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Heather - June 29

I realize this is a personnal subject and is not meant to be perverse nor I am I looking for anything that could be X-rated. I just need some help in determining if something is normal or abnormal. My husband and I have noticed that his semen has balls of jelly like stuff in it similiar to tapico. Is this normal or should he have it checked out? We have been married for 13 years and have two children. He had his sperm checked out before we had our 8 year old and we don't remember this then. This has been around for a few years. He has other health problems and I don't want anything else to be wrong with him. Can anyone help me answer this? The internet didn't help much. Thankyou.


Colleen - June 29

Hi Heather, I have never posted on here before, but when I read your question, I knew I had to. Funny that you ask, I just noticed the same thing in my husbands sperm last night. I think looking back I have always noticed this in him. I guess it was never an issue as we werent ttc in the past and are now. I dont know what they are, but I was even wondering if it was from me, as I couldnt tell exactly who it was from. Sorry I cant be more of a help, but at least know you are not the only one who has noticed this!


Lena - June 30

Totally normal. That's the gel portion of seminal fluid. Its purpose is to nourish the sperm and provide a buffer for ejaculating sperm.


Heather - June 30

Thanks for information. Before we were married I always had sex with condoms so I could compare with anyone else. I am relieved that he is not the only one and that this is normal. Thank you!



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