have PCOS...pregnant?
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Samantha T. - June 1

I recently found out that I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I hadn't had a period for 5 months & then I was put on meds to induce my period....and I got my period & now OF COURSE I'm late again (as of yesterday). However, I'm having pms symptoms coupled with some other interesting symptoms. I'm having cramps, but they're lower in my belly than with a period. Also, my upper stomach feels tight. Last week I threw up one morning & had diarhea a couple of mornings. I'm exhausted in the evenings & I feel nauseaous off & on all day long. I've been really noticing certain smells more too & some foods just haven't tasted like they usually do. I'm more gassy &...this may be too much info, but I've only pooped twice in the last three days (not normal for me) and each time it's been kinda constipated. Also, the outter portion of my vagina feels more wet more often. Thinking I would have a harder time concieving because of the PCOS, I bought some natural fertility supplements, but now I'm afraid to start taking them because of these possible pregnancy signs. Should I get a pregnancy test? Does anyone else have PCOS & would like to comment? Anything would help. Is it possible for be to have gone ahead & ovulated after having my period eventhough it was an induced period?


bump - June 1



Drew - June 1

Samantha, DEFINATLY get a preg test! Dont start anything untill you know. Those symptoms do sound like pg symptoms, but I have noticed that pretty much every month I have had what I thought were symptoms, then it turns out I was really just getting af. I too have pcos. How long have you been ttc? Maybe talk to your doc about Metformin. Most ladies with pcos are insulin resistant. That doesnt mean you have diabetes, but it kinda works the same way. Metformin helps balance out your insulin, which helps your cycles become a little more regular, which in turn of course makes it eaiser to conceive. Good luck!


amy - June 1

Samantha, I also have pcos just diagnosed within the past 7 months but I know that I have had it for yrs. because I only have af about 3 or 4 times a yr. Dr. prescribed clomid...started off with 50 mg for 4 months and.....nothing.....She upped it to 100mg, after 1 month.....bfp!!!!!!! Just thought i would offer some hope.


Drew - June 1

Amy, did you get any cramping just before af was supposed to be due? Mine was due yesterday (I'm also on Clomid 100mg cd 3-7), and I'm having some cramping, although not the same as when af is usually on the way. I have heard that cramping is common in early pg, but I don't know what's what anymore!


HW - June 1

Hey ladies...I also have pcos and have not tried clomid yet. This is mainly because my insurance doesn't cover infertility. My question is...are you going through all the u/s or are you simply taking the medicine. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


Drew - June 1

Hi Hw, I'm from Canada, so all the testing is free, but the Clomid runs us around $57/mo. Do you have insurance that may cover doctors visits for this problem. I know they dont cover testing. You shouldn't just take Clomid without seeing a doc about it. It can cause a bunch of problems. I'm sorry, I dont really understand how the system works for coverage down there.


Chrissy - June 1

I would wait to take an pregnancy test. If you take the pills and ur pregnant the baby might have birth defects. I have had to take those kind of pills to induce my period and then the next month my period doesnt come either. It figures.... That just means that you might have to take clomid or fertilaid to help you become pregnant. Good Luck & Best Wishes!!!


amy - June 2

Hi ladies,
Samantha, I was also taking clomid days 3-7.
I had minor cramping just before af was due and probably for a couple weeks after af was due and also lower back pain. I tested 11 dpo and got a bfp, very faint but there. I did not go through the u/s and routine dr. visits. my doc simply prescribed the clomid and said if it doesnt work after 6 months that it probably isnt going to. Luckily it did, now I'm praying all goes ok. Good luck and if you have anymore questions just ask.


amy - June 2

Sry, Drew , taking clomid days 3-7 was directed towards you.......Got confused.


stacey - June 2

My dr. just gave me the blood tests to see if I have it today...so, I'll see. he says if I do, he'll start me on clomid as well. I find out next friday


Nadine - June 3

Hi all,
I ovulated on May 24 or around that time but that was when i done the opk test and it was positive.
I vomited the other night for no apparent reason and i've been getting cramps in my lower abdomen and slight backache. I know if i take a hpt it will be negative but i'm not sure what to do. I'm on 850mg of metformin for my pcos which i have now been taking for a month. Help!!!!! Good luck to all



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