Have i ovulated late or am I ok?
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Claire - April 4

Me and my partner have been trying after a miscarriage My last period was 15th March and i have a 28 day cycle so my next one is due 12th April i worked it out that the best time to catch would have been 27th through to 30th - which DF and I did.

Yesterday CM was white and thick - does that mean i Ovulated late?????

It's really hard for me as my DF is in the army and based in Northern Ireland at the mo so he won't be home on leave for another 6 weeks and when your trying for a baby it hard. This is out first month out of 3 he's been home when af wasn't here and now I think I may have ovulated late.



Kelly - April 4

Hi Claire, I just answered your question on another post. But just in case you do not see it, here it goes again. I just read that if you conceive your CM turns white and thick due to the cervical plug being formed. This would occur after ovulation (of course) and before af is SUPPOSE to come. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Keep us posted, it sound like you are!



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