Have Endo, And think now I may be preg...what you think?
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JamieP - December 21

i am 23. I found out I had endo July 2004 because my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 2 years. Never got pregnant. Anyway, my periods are 28-35 day cycles, so not normal. About 3 weeks ago, I had egg white discharge which I thought was my sign of ovulation. Me and my husband had intercourse. Anyway, Now, For the past week, My breasts have been really sore, and they feel heavier, and I can see blue veins all through them. I am really tired. My sense of smell seems to be more noticable then before, and I am quite moody as my husband says. I dont know if it's just my mind playing games with me. When I have my period, my breasts usually hurt about 2 days before and quit after that. Mine have been hurting for like a week and half, and still no period. I could have started today and up to a week from now. When do you think I should take a pregnancy test, and is it possible for me to finally be pregnant?? Is it just in my head, or are the signs even my husband has noticed real pregnancy signs? He says my breasts feel fuller and firmer. Thanks to who ever writes me. If you could. Can you please send me a email?? I would appreciate it. I dont know if I can find this page again. My email is
[email protected]
Just make the subject about your post on web site. Thanks for your time ladies. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks.


Mega - December 21

Hi Jamie. Good luck. Those signs sound positive! I hope this is your month. I know women with endo that go on to have healthy pregnancies. I'm curious about endo actually. How did you discover you had it? Did you get a laporosocopy? Any signs before that? Anyway, I'd definitely take a HPT or better yet schedule a Beta. Keep us posted, I always like to know how these things turn out.


response - December 21

Jamie -- good luck..... Have you had a LAP yet to take care of the Endo ?


Angie - December 22

JamieP, your experience really sounds encouraging. I am praying for your healthy pregnancy! I am going to have a LAP next month, so I hope I 'll get pregnant soon, too.


Angie - December 22

Mega, I have just found out that I have an Endos. I have regular period and ovulation. I had a pap test and HSG, and they both came out normal. But when I had a pelvic ultrasound, my doctor found it in my left ovary. I was very shocked, but now all the panful PMS and menstral cramps make sense...


JamieP - December 22

Well, Sadly I awoke at 4 am because I had started my period today. I am sad. I keep my faith close to me at times like this. I know that the lord will bless me. It's just a matter of time. Though I may think I have waited long enough, U cant rush a higher power. I will just keep being patient. I think I might be having sex to much. I had a laprascopy july 2004 because of 2 years of not getting pregnant. I dont know if I ovulate. My clearblue monitor never showed peak fertility,but it did show high. What does that mean??? Anyone have any suggestions, or ideas about whta I should do?? When do you think I should have sex, since I dont know when I ovulate. Even after my surgery, it never showed me I ovulated. Please let me know! Thanks Hope you all get pregnant. I pray for all women who want a baby to be blessed.


JamieP - December 22

I have had a lap..my left ovary and fallopion tube was completly covered in scar tissue, but my tubes wernt blocked. They free'd my ovary and fallopion tube , but still no ovulation to my knowledge. BBT charts dont work for me because my temp is up and down, never concestent and nothing to judge ovulating by. What should I do???



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