Have been TTC for 4 months and no luck. Anybody else?
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Melissa - April 25

I have been TTC for 4 months and no luck. I have had all the blood work done, and an us on Thursday. I get the results back tomorrow. But, I am looking for somebody who is in the same boat that is willing to be an inspiration buddy (encouragement helps - and it's nice to hear from somebody else who is in the same boat).


Milissa - April 25

Hi Melissa, if you would like I have a forum "just ovulated on the 14th..." if you would like to join in...we are all in waiting..and give each other support!! I may start a new one sense its getting very long, its me ,nicola and rebecca.. we'll be waiting like always...milissa


Melissa - April 25

Thanks Milissa. I've been reading your posts. I feel the same way you do especially since I already have 1 child and conceived without even trying.


Milissa - April 25

Well your welcome to join in!!! have you been on acouple other forums, because I think I have seen your name? like first trimester, general preg.Q. ex... I think I sen ya around???


Melissa - April 25

I posted to a couple of other places, but I had used my initials to begin with.



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