Have anybody use OvuTrack..?
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Rama - July 25


I am looking to buy ovulation predictor, I came acroess the product called "OvuTrack". I have following qusetions:

1- How effective is this product?

2- Is ovulation predictor with saliva method is accurate?

3- Is there any other better and cheaper ovulation predictor?

Any help is appreciated.



Le paradis - June 15

1)I used the similar product Luna Fertility kit and after a few month I was pregnant. I really trust it!! You have to give yourself 1 or 2 cycles before being able to read your saliva. But it's easy.

2) It's better if you mark your temperature everyday on a chart and do the saliva process together. It can confirm your prediction. After a few times, you will definitely learn to read your saliva. It is not that complicated but at first you might not see a thing. You will observe snow flakes patterns or fern patterns (maybe not as clear as the picture they show on the booklet) when your are going to ovulate. You have to play with the little microscope. You take your time, look into the microscope (offered with the kit) by focusing at different area of the speciment and when you are close to ovulate, you will start to see fern patterns . When the fern patterns are obvious, then you know it's the night to be romantic.

3) It's the cheapest ovulation predictor since you pay for the kit once and that's it. You need to clean your little microscope every time it is used.

However, sometimes I was not too sure so I would use LH urine ovulation strips to confirm that I was really ovulating. But that was rare.
You can find the LH urine ovulation strips at a low cost compare to pharmacies at :




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