Has implanon cause my miscarriages?
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Tyrasmum - February 10

My name is Lisa and I am 25. Dh is 26 and we are both healthy. We have a very healthy 4 year old dd and had no problems with her pregnancy. I had implanon inserted over 2 years ago in mid july last year (it was only in for just under 2 years). Two cycles later we found out we were pregnant again. We had a m/c at 7 weeks for 'reasons unknown'. We followed doctors advice and waited for two cycles before trying again. Once again we fell pregnant after that second cycle and after only being 5 weeks pregnant, I m/c again.
I am starting to wonder if implanon has caused any or all of these problems. My doctor has assured me these m/c are a simple case of bad luck ( no tests done) and that I am very fertile and a 'proven breeder'.
Has anybody ever had any problems like this. Regardless of being on implanon or not.
My body and our emotions cant really take any more batterings. I wonder if anybody can please help us.
Thanks Heaps


A - February 10

I'm not sure what implanon is, but my friend had the same problem of having early miscarriages a few times in a row. It turned out that she had some sort of blood clotting or thickening problem (something like that). She had to take 1 baby aspirin a day to thin out her blood. As soon as she got pregnant again she had to get a shot twice a day while she was pregnant to keep the blood that way. She's happy with baby now!


Tyrasmum - February 10

Implanon is a contraceptive implant they insert in your arm that thickens the lining so you cannot get pregnant.
It should be well and truly out of my system by now..but you never know.
I have read about clotting. Is that discovered by blood tests??
Thanks for the positive thoughts!!


A - February 11

I believe they do discover it in blood tests. Her doctor tested for it after a couple of early miscarriages.


Amanda - July 4

Implanon can do funny stuff to the ovaries too from what Ive read and what my GP has told me. It also thickens the cervical mucus and makes the uterine lining thinner.

But, overall, fertility is supposed to return to normal right away. Ive been on another site though, where women have fallen pregnant on it and have miscarried each time. So, maybe its taking time to get out of your system? I dont know. I got mine on July 1 and I already hate it.

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chelle - July 5

I had the implanon in for about 11 months, i have had it out now for 10/11 months. I to had a miscarige at 5 weeks preg back in march. I personaly think that it was because of the implanon, i had problems with bleeding all the time when i had it in!! Im hoping that it is all good this month, I am waiting for the 12th july, fingers crossed and the best of luck to you all :)


julie - January 26

i have had an implanon implant in my arm now for over 2 and a half years is it possible that i couls be pregnet?


lmyers89 - October 30

I had implanon in for about 9 months and had messed up periods since I got it out in Jan. 2011. I recently found out I was pregnant Oct 16th and found out I was 5 weeks along, but I was going to have a miscarriage. I did end up having a miscarriage on Oct 28th and I too am wondering if this is because of the implanon? If so, does anybody know if there are any lawyers looking into a class-action lawsuit because of this problem? It doesn't specify any problems like this in their "warning booklet" that they give you when you get it inserted.



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