Has anyone used Vitex and had success
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T - October 22

We've been trying ttc for a couple of years now, I was put onto clomid and am on my 10th cycle and still haven't fallen pg. I was reading an article in my local newspaper about it and then did some research on the internet about Vitex and the reports seem to be really good. I'm just wanting to know if anyone has used it and had success reasonably quick.


Gemma - October 23

Have read lots of info on the net about it but not heard of anyone who's had success. Have just started to take it myself, ttc for eight months and think short luteal phase to do with lack of pg. Going to dr tomorrow. Baby dust


IV - October 24

I have used it for about 3 months now. I am still not pregnant. Hope I'll get pregnant the next cycle.


KATE - October 24

I've started using it this month it's a slow working suppliment so may take a cycle to get into your system properly. There is a post on signs of pregnancy where afew girls have started using it this month, why not take a read of it ? The lady at the health food store where I got it( gnc) used it herself to get pregnant after 2 years of trying and she fell pregnant the 2nd cycle, so good luck.


T - October 26

Hi Gemma, IV and Kate, thank you all for responding. I did a bit more research and got onto the Vitex website and it sounded really good so I've started taking it with some other different herbs in liquid form. Its only been a few days since I started taking it so I'll see how I go over the next few months. Good Luck to you all! :)


KATE - October 27

Hi T i've started using vitex this month and i'm definatly o'ing now confirmed with an OPK so i'd stick with it if I were you as i haven't had a + opk in all these months off b/c. It is also good for hair nails and skin so it has alot of bennifits. Good luck to you all.


Gemma - October 29

Hello all, thought I'd wait til after af this month to start the vitex. Asked Dr about it, she hadn't heard anything about it but said that it should be OK to take it if there weren't any known complications. Keep us posted with any news, girls. Baby dust


T - November 1

Hi guys, I think its been a week now that I've been taking Vitex but I think I did the wrong thing and started taking it 4 days into my period as its now day 17 and I'm still bleeding. I started to get worried on day 14 so went to my local doc and she told me that it was probably just my hormones but that I should contact my specialist and speak to her about it and as I'd also just taken my 10th round of clomid. As I was talking to my local doc I mentioned to her that I'd also just started taking Vitex with some other herbs in liquid and she immediately told me to stop taking it as I'm on Clomid and there'd be too many hormones happening and that it could harm the baby so I immediately stopped taking the Vitex. I then spoke to my specialist and had a blood test today so I'll have to wait to find out whats going on. Good luck to you all! :)


sandra - November 1

hiya girls, i am into my third day of vitex but have had a really upset stomach and cramping. Is this normal. Could I be ovulating this soon? Please help!


sandra - November 1

hi its me again! I was wondering how much Vitex I should be taking. The bottle (400mg) says two capsules twice daily. Is that 4 caps per day? I been looking on internet and most recommend 1 x 400mg cap per day. Its no wonder I dont feel too good if I am taking too much.


Hi Sandra, - November 3

Good luck to you. If the bottle says 2 capsules twice a day, then I'd be doing that but if your really worried about it go back to where you got them from and ask someone about it. I was taking Vitex in liquid form for nearly 2 weeks and I think it was either the second or third day I had a weird cramp to but I wasn't ovulating as I was bleeding so what I've just mentioned probably wont be of any help to you but I just wanted to let you know. Good luck Sandra, let me know how you get on.


Shawna - November 3

What is vitex and what does it do to increase the chances of conception?


sandra - November 3

shawna, vitex is a herbal supplement used to balance hormones, helps irregular periods, ovulation etc. Other names includes monks pepper, agnus castus, chasteberry fruit.


? - November 4

Hi Ladies Ive just started Fertility Blend which contains Vitex. It is my first month, will let everyone know if successful. Been ttc over 1 year, irregualr AF, no ovulation. Hoping this will regualte me and stimulate ovulation before turning to fertility drugs. Best of luck to all of you!


Tori - November 5

Hello Ladies! Kate- I was wondering if you're taking the supplement Natures Fingerprint Vitex from GNC. It says to take 1 capsule a day (500 mg). The man at the local GNC said thats all they carry as far as Vitex and of course thats all he knew, no ladies were available. If you can please let me know! Thank you bunches. Baby dust to all :o)


Kristi - November 5

I just started taking Vitex about 3 weeks ago. I went off b/c in July and had AF on Sept. 5th, nothing since then. I am hoping the Vitex can help balance my hormones and encourage regular ovulation. I would love to hang out with all of you. Good luck to everyone!


mckenzie - November 5

hey guys i just started taking fertility blend also called vitex from GNC. however it says to take three capsule a day it doesn't list the miligrams. baby dust to everyone



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