Has anyone used Pre-seed?
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Binx - June 21

All this BD is taking a toll on my body. I am having a tough time producing my own lubrication and I have read that lubrications on the market are very bad for sperm. I read about pre-seed but it is expensive. Has anyone tried it? I want to know if it is worth it before I fork out the money for it. I live in Canada so it would cost me about double once I pay for the shipping and everything,


Cutie - June 21

Binx, I used it last month and it sure helps. But a little trick-use it only around fertile window, that way you can save money. Also, try searching for pre seed on e-bay maybe it will be cheaper for u. I ordered mine from drugstore.com God bless


merlee - June 21

Binx, I have the same problem. I recent found on a site tryingtoconceive.com that Evening Primrose Oil and Dong Qai are supposed to be really great for vag. dryness. But you can only take them from mens to ov. I just got some and I'm trying it this month, I'm on cd 5. Good luck


bump - June 23




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