has anyone used at home sperm tests?
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LC - December 2

Just wondering if anyone has used the at home sperm tests? And if so, if you had further tests done and found out how accurate they were?


Lisa - December 2

Hi LC. We used a home test and it was accurate. However, our doctor said the home tests are a waste of time and they are not accurate. Good Luck.


Mega - December 2

We used the test, & it said my DH's sperm count was fine. Which it is, it's actually well above average. But there's a lot it doesn't tell you. For example, my DH has 5% morphology, which is really low. The test doesn't take into account motility, shape of the sperm, color etc, which are all important factors too. Also, we found the results hard to read. On the one we used you have to match the color of your result to the control window. The shades of blue were similar. I'd suggest not using them as a replacement for a Sperm Analysis. I'm glad we still went for a SA, otherwise we'd never have suspected morphology as being an issue for us as well. Good luck!


kc - December 2

I considered using them, however, they only check for quantity of sperm not quality. You will need further tests to check for mobility (how well they swim) and morphology (how long they live ( I think that's what it is)). I think we are going to use an at home kit. If it results in a problem then we will definately go the other route.


Allie - December 2

Hi LC, my dh used a home sperm test and it said that he was fine. We went for further testing b/c my OB/GYN told me even though we did the home test that he should get checked out anyway. Well, we did and my dh's SA came out fine! I would just have you dh go right to the doctor instead of wasting money on the home test - you will only have to go to the doctor in the end. Good Luck


Mega - December 2

Morphology is actually the shape of the sperm. They can have head or tail deformities.


LC - December 2

thanks for your responses....we tested last night with the at home test kit. It came out negative. i know it could be inaccurate so we will test again in 3 days. He also has an appt for an SA next week. Has anyone else had negative results from the at home test kit?


Mega - December 2

Good luck with the SA. Even if his count ends up being on the lower end, depending on the cause, there's still plenty of hope for you. There are treatments &/or procedures available. Also, one vitamin to check out is vitamin E. Have your DH start taking Vitamin E every day. I've heard zinc could help too. Keep us posted!


LC - December 2

Thanks for your advice and encouragement Mega. We have been TTC for 7 months now and I wonder if this is the reason why. I guess we will find out soon with the SA. I have heard viatmins can really help too. I will keep you updated.


Mega - December 2

You're welcome. Good luck. My parents' had fertility issues too, though silly me, I didn't think I would. And my dad had a low sperm count (which I didn't want to know, but mom told me anyway) & mom was irregular. I think she had PCOS, like me, actually. But anyway, they did it on their own, dad tooks lots of Vitamin E, but finally they did go on to have a child. It took a long time, but my point is hang in there, there's hope, medicine is much better now than the 70's. And remember, all it takes is one spermie!


Sara - December 2

Hi Mega, My parents too had infertility issues. My dad had a low sperm count due to a veriocele vein and my mom was irregular with one working fallopian tube. My mom did take Clomid and got preg with me and then my sister. They then went on to have my brother with no medical help at all.


LC - December 3

Thanks for your responses Sara and Mega. Hearing your stories has brightened my day!



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