Has anyone tried Femara??
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Sandy - September 20

i started my period Sept 1 and started Femara on the 5...i tested for ovulation on the 11-14 and got a + on the 13 or 14 it's close to say(the 14 is a little darker)...anyway today Sept 20 i started spotting i called the nurse to see if this is normal and she said because i have irregular periods that can be why....but for me to call her on the 4 day if i am still on it and we will started femara on the 5 day....i took bc in August to get me regular...can anyone help me understand?


Jodi - September 20

She is probably waiting to see if the spotting lasts 4 days they will most likely consider it a period. If it ends it may be implantation bleeding?? Good luck!


Sandy - September 20

what is implatation bleeding?


Jodi - September 20

Implantation bleeding can be when the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, usually between 6-12 days after ovulation. How did you feel on femara? I tried clomid last month but no ovulation, so I think I am going to ask to try femara. Is there a reason you have irregular periods? I do also, but I was diagnosed with pcos. Good luck


Sandy - September 22

I felt fine a little tired but fine....i have really long periods like 20-25 days heavy bleeding...been trying for 4 years and found out a couple a months ago i had pcos.....i went to a fertility dr and he told me to try femara and i start checking for ovulation on the 11,12,13,14,...and ovulated on the 14 and now i have this spotting....that i almost only see until i use the bath room...which started 6 days after ovulation...


jodi - September 22

Do you have any cramping and is it red or brownish blood? Are your breasts sore? I would consider it all a good thing at this point and it keeps only spotting do a pg test around the 1st of October! Maybee....


Sandy - September 23

cramped a little....brown and a little brown pink....but only when i used the bathroom.....i going to call today and see what they think....so how are thing working for you.....good luck


Jodi - September 23

I actually have a 23 month old daughter that we concieved naturally, so it is possible with pcos, and I did spot with her so I am hopeful for you. Are you on metformin also? My last 2 periods on metformind have only been spotting that lasted 3-4 days and that was considered my cycle. I did my opk test this morning which is day 24, and it came back positive for the first time!! So we will get busy all weekend and see... Goodluck and ask your Dr. Let me know how it turns out!


Sandy - September 23

no the only thing i have taken is Femara....i have a 7 year old son....but i really would love to have another....well i talk to the nurse today and she said if i start spotting again call and they will do a u/s but if not call when i start my period and we can start the Femara again so cross your fingers....and good luck the weekend..



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