has anyone tried clomid with estrogen? what was your result?
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rachel1 - November 23

Hi I have been on clomid for a long time on and off, but last month my doctor gave me estrogen to tak as well as clomid. Has anyone else had the same? and what was your results? My af is due today 23rd ive been aching the last 3 days as if af is coming also had tender breasts but not that tender today, so we will have to wait and see if she does turn up. fingers crossed. I will love to hear your stories. Good luck to you all.


rachel1 - November 23

has anyone out there heard or got any stories pleaseeeeee. THankyou


pmblake - November 24

Rachel1 - Sorry I don't have a story for you, but I'm interested in your therapy. Clomid is an estrogen blocker so it's interesting that your Dr. also gave you estrogen. Let me know how it works out for you! Howare you feeling today? Did your af come?


chele - November 25

Hi rachel1. I was given estrogen w/ Clomid for 4 cycles and what I found is that in the end it did not work for me, but built up and caused hormonal cysts. I went to an RE and found this out so he made me wait the last month out. I just received af, so hopefully tomorrows test will show they have left and I can go on w/ TTC w/ assistance. The RE took me off these and said that he would not put me back on. However, not everyone reacts the same to each drug. Good luck to you!!!


rachel1 - November 25

HI all, thanks so much for your responses, well i have got news for your, and my news is a BFP, I tested yesterday evening which showed positive and again this morning. WE are over the moon. PMBLAKE i took clomid from day 2-6 then my estrogen day 8-14. The estrogen is supposed to thicken some lining up and help the sperm along???? It does something anyhow as it has helped me. Perhaps it will be worth asking your gp. Good luck all, and lots of babydust +++++++++++


lovemy3 - November 25

Congrats!!!!! Thats is wonderful!!!. My af just showed 5 minutes ago which is crummy, but your news put a smile on my face and helps resume hope. Congrats again!


pmblake - November 26

Congratulations! How awesome! Please keep in touch and let me know how you progress! I'm very interested in your therapy and I"m definitely going to mention it in my followup w/ my OB. I'm on a break this month (m/c) but I'll be back into ttc next month. When do you typically ovulate? are you late? How exciting. Congratulations again!



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