has anyone tried acupuncture?
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celestia1977 - August 27

I'm just wondering if acupuncture would work on getting me more fertile for pregnancy...I've heard that it could, but don't really know if that's true. Anyone ever tried it for conceiving purposes?


Tracy88 - August 27

I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses for this question. There have been many girls I know on here who have used acupuncture in conjunction with other things and ultimately ended up pg.


celestia1977 - August 27

That's neat...I wonder how much it costs. Guess I'll wait to hear from some of these people :-)


peachesnpeace - August 27

I got an acupuncture treatment but it was for my asthma. It cost about $40.


Ann1 - August 27

I did acupuncture for several months. I started it when I started injectibles (after 5 failed clomid/iui cycles and one natural clomid cycle). I did 2 rounds injectibles and both failed, but I kept up w/the acupuncture as I was waiting to do ivf. Then, I turned up pg naturally!! I had tried for over 2 years and got nothing, so I think the acupuncture helped. My RE even recommended it, because it increases the blood flow to the pelvic area which is good for implantation. However, since I was using fertility drugs, my RE told me not to take any herbs with the acupuncture treatments. My treatments were $65 each, but my acupuncturist was very experienced (30 years experience), so he may be higher than some. Good luck!


COL - August 27

HI, I am doing Accupuncture now, i am not pregnant yet, but i can see the diffrence in my body after the accupuncture. regular periods, better quality CM, before accupuncture, i have been very dry. i would recommend it to anybody. it cost me $50 canadian each session. GOOD LUCK


celestia1977 - August 27

Cool. Thank you for your submissions. I wonder where I find an acupunturist in Colorado?



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