Has anyone that has been pregnant had a non stop cramping?
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o0fuk_authority0o - December 6

well.. ive been on metformin for about 2 years now.. off an on.. an ive been taking 2000 mg every day sence november 2nd.. havent had a period sence july 6th.. an just latly.. like the past week or so.. ive been felling like a cramping/sore stomach muscles around my pelvis area.. an im also having more frequent urination.. headaches.. tired all the time.. lower back pain.. an slight dizziness.. an im really confused.. ive had the symptoms before everything except this cramping/sore muscle feeling.. before when i was aboutto start my period.. so im wondering if anyone has had these that is or has been pregnant before i make an appointment.


ROBYN - December 7

I just completed my first IVF cycle and found out yesterday that we had our BFP pretty much everything you have mentioned is what I am experiencing. I dont have lower back pain though and cramping in the lower abdomen thats all normal because everything is starting to stretch. So I hope your PG good luck


tk07 - December 7

Hi! cramping is definately normal when you are pregnant but it shouldn't be real severe cramping. i have read both that lower back pain is a sign and that it is not, so i am not sure about that one!
hopefully you are pregnant, good luck!


o0fuk_authority0o - December 7

well.. its not just normal cramping.. its like ive been doing to many sit ups an my stomach muscles are sore all the time.. n everyonce in awhile ther slight cramping with it.. maybe i could just be ovulating?.. i have an appointment on friday.. so i guess we'll see.. wish me luck!


KBinParis - December 9

Robyn, I'm interested in yout symptoms. I had ET on 7 Dec and haven't stopped cramping (like period cramps) since then, not bad cramps though. And when I have to pee, I really have to pee! Also, when I start to pee I feel so much pressure and a lot of pressure. Was this what you felt? Will test in 10 days.


KBinParis - December 9

Sorry for my rudeness oOfuk! All the very, very best of luck.


o0fuk_authority0o - December 11

well i had my appointment an it was negative.. but they scheduled me for an ultra sound ta see if i have a tubal pregnancie.. a citst burst.. or if they got bigger.. so im really nervious now.. but thanx for the responces!


tk07 - December 11

oh that is too bad :(
i hope it goes well for you and that it isn't anything major.
good luck!


o0fuk_authority0o - December 31

ok.. i had my ultra sound.. an they say everythings goin good.. an i finaly got my period an am suposed to be starrting clomid at the end of january.. but im just wondering.. how many people acually have had succes with metformin an clomid together.. an how long it took?.. or if it just depends on the person?.. for myself im a bit hopful sence i started metformin on nov 2nd an am already having a period starting on dec 26th.. but its an odd period.. started with just spotting an still light.. so i duno.. anyone have any comments?



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