has anyone taken clomid for several cycles and still no baby
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jn - March 14

I have been on clomid 50mg for 3 months and still no baby. My dr said if I don't concieve this month, he will have me take 100mg a day for 5 days. Has anyone ever taken that much and succeded?


Nicole - March 15

Hi Jn. I tried for 6 yrs to conceive without luck. I took clomid for 6 months with dosages ranging from 50mg up to 200mg without acheiving a pregnancy. Ultrasounds proved that even at 200mg I wasn't producing mature eggs, nor ovulating. I had to take infertility shots (a much stronger medication) -Gonal-F) in order to produce mature eggs! Happily, I finally conceived and gave birth to my first baby! He is now 5! I was told that if I didn't conceive after 6 months on Clomid that it wouldn't work for me. Good Luck!


Erin - March 15

I have been on clomid 50mg for 5 months with no pregnancy. My periods have become irregular but my doctor can't seem to tell me if clomid is the cause or not. I'm gonna get off clomid for 2 or 3 months and then try an IUI. Hopefully I'll get pregnant before the IUI but if not then we'll just keep trying. It's very discourging because as far as the tests have shown my husband and I are both fine. Just trying not to stress out now, but it's hard as you probably know. Good luck!!


NIcole - March 15

Hi Erin! 50mg of clomid is the lowest dosage they start you at. Many women need it gradually increased to 100, 150 or 200mg to find the right dosage for them. I would ask your doctor to increase your dosage. This may be all you need! Good Luck!


Erin - March 16

Hi Nicole! It was confirmed that I did ovulate with 50mg of clomid so my doctor kept me at that dosage. He said he would not raise my dosage because I would produce more cervical mucus which would make it harder for me to get pregnant.



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