has anyone responded poorly to injections??
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leahb5 - January 5

this is my first cycle with injections/iui. i'm being monitored via u/s and b/w(e2levels) first u/s had 14follies total for this month. started bravelle(like follistim)for 3days went back and had 4follies, 3just under 10 and one at 11_e2 at 96. went back 3days after which was this morning and they were measuring 11,11.5,and 13 but my e2 was still 96. she says my cycle could be stalling out or stagnant. i go on monday to see if they will take off. she says this is not normal with this medicine and i might just have to take it a longer time than most women but if they havent grown much by monday my cycle could be canceled. anyone have any cycles like this or know anyone with a cycle like this? what did they do and what was the outcome...thanks!!!


Ann1 - January 5

leahb5, I didn't respond very well to injectibles, because I have fsh issues. However, my e2 levels weren't the issue, so I am not sure what makes that happen. Are you taking anything to suppress a lh surge, such as lupron that may suppress you too much?


leahb5 - January 5

no i'm not taking anything like that just bravelle. my fsh was perfect they said. who knows!!! i hope they know more monday. what do you take?


Ann1 - January 5

When I did the injectibles, I took a combo of follistim and menopur plus lupron to suppress an lh surge. I had my fsh checked numerous times and it came out in the 5s every time. However, when I did the clomid challenge test, it was 12.9 (s/b under 8). I did 6 rounds of clomid (5 w/iui) and 2 rounds of injectibles w/iui. We were going to do ivf and the dr found more fibroids he wanted to remove. However, right before my surgery, I turned up pg on a natural cycle. After all that and ttc for 2 years and 2 months, go figure...hopefully your e2 will have gone up by Monday. Your follie count is pretty good if your e2 would just catch up!



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