Has anyone read the Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis?
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isa - July 25

Has anyone read this book or have any thoughts on it? I was reading on another post about a website to listen to www.hayhousewire.com and played one of the archived tapes on infertility and it was Randine Lewis and about the eastern medicine philosphies on fertiltiy. I took the 50-60minutes to listen to the tape and found it very interesting. Has anyone read this book? If you want to listen to the tape, sign in for free. On the left click archived hosts, then click the second one down Chrystal Andrus and then scroll to the bottom and pick page 3. its the 3rd one down called January 13, 2006: New Hope for Infertility. click on this. I ended up grabbing paper and taking notes. It gave me some hope that perhaps some of my "infertility" problems can be corrected.



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