Has anyone o'd on cd 25 with metformind and clomid?
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wondering - September 23

This is my first round of 100mg clomid, 1500mg metformin. On day 13 my RE said I probably was not going to ovulate. This morning my temps dropped and got first positive opk test EVER!! Has anyone ovuleated this late in there cycle?


annette - September 23

i have been through the exactsame situation. i have pcos so i am on met 1500mg. on my 1st clomid cycle of 100mg, i od on cd21, and on my 2nd cycle of the same clomid dosage, i od on cd28!.. this is my 3rd cycle, my doc upped the clomid to 150 mg, and i od on cd14. now waiting to see what it turns out to be..


wondering - September 23

Thank you so much for your response, that is good to know that upping the dosage moved your date up! goodluck and hopefully it worked!


Kerri - September 23

I think I wrote you on a different thread. I took 50 mg of Clomid and didn't O until cd31--I began taking Metformin on cd32. Currently I'm taking 1000mg of Metformin with my recommended dosage being 2000 mg. I'm 12 dpo and will test soon if AF doesn't show up this weekend!


Wondering/Jodi - September 24

Thanks Kerri, I think you did. Why 2000mg clomid? How are you feeling? Annette what cd are you on? Did your side effects of clomid increase with the dosage? Thanks for your info. Hopefully we'll all be able to concentrate on more exciting things than temps,opks and pg tests!!!! Good luck to all.


Kerri - September 24

ohh, let me clarify....2000mg is my recommended Metfomin dosage. I'm tapering up to it----next week I'll be at 1500mg of Metformin and then the following week 2000 mg of Metformin. If my period starts soon then we'll do 100mg of CLOMID and I'll still take the Metformin. My prayer is that AF doesn't show up this weekend and I get a BFP on Monday!!!


Jodi - September 26

So Kerri what's the verdict?? BFP? I sure hope so! Good luck, I have been thinking of you all weekend.


annette - September 26

i didnt have any side effects with 100 mg comid, but 150mg made me very emotional, i guess. i am on 13dpo today and the test is negative . i will wit a couple more of days and test again. somehow all these months of failed ttc, and getting depressed everytime my af comes, has made me the least optimistic this time. i guess it is better to not expect something and it turns out fine, rather that expect something very bad, and then it doesnt turn out well...


jodi - September 26

Hang in there annette, my BFPs always came later than expected. Try again in another few days. How many days after OPK are you supposed to BD?


Kerri - September 27

Hi Jodi....it can happen my friend! I got my first BFP this morning!!!!!!! I really didn't believe it, I took 2 tests just to be sure. I had bloodwork drawn today to confirm and my doctor wants me to stay on the 1000mg of Metformin instead of increasing my dosage. I'm so excited! I didn't O until cd 31! I'm sending tons of baby dust your way and hope that you get a BFP soon too!


Jodi - September 27

Congrats Kerri! Take your time and enjoy your pregnancy. For those of us that it takes sooo long we really enjoy everything! Even the yucky feelings. I loved being pregnant with my little girl. Both my hubby and I fell in love as soon as we saw the heart beat. Listen to your body, if it feels like sleeping do it, if it feels like consuming something strange give in. Stay actuve throughout and delivery will be so much easier. Also,talk to your tummy everyday! I cannot describe the love you feel when you hold that baby in your arms! It is bigger than you can imagine. Congrats!! I hope to follow your footsteps soon! :)!!



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