Has anyone known someone or used clomid?
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Kris - June 3

My husband and I have tried to conceive for 13 months. We have done all the fertility testing and my doc is recommending clomid. Any info?


Kelly - June 3

Kris, are you ovulating? Usually Dr.s put you on clomid if you are not ovulating or if you are older and trying to conceive. I am 37 and was put on clomid because of both reasons. You usually start off on 50mg and then can be increased if needed. Hope this helps. :)


Kris - June 3

Kelly: I have been through numerous fertility test and everything seems to be fine. I have bleeding around ovulation and for the past couple of months my cycles have been different:( How did you know you weren't ovulating? This seems to be the last resort. Any ideas?


Jill - June 3

Has your doctor done bloodwork to check your hormones? That's how my doctor found out I wasn't ovulating. You could try some of those fertility monitors, or basal body temperature charting. Those are ways to find out on your own at home.



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