Has anyone had implantation bleeding (on or off Clomid)?
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Renee - April 11

I'm wondering if anyone has had implantation bleeding (later you were confirmed to be pregnant). If so, what was it like? I'm on Clomid and have been spotting very oddly. It's either implantation bleeding or something is wrong...


Teresa - April 14

I did! During my secong pregancy I had light bleeding for about a week. I thought I was having my period (disappointed, again). A month later I found out I was pregnant and by that time I was 8 weeks. I was not on clomid, but the bleeding totally threw me off! My doctor decided that the bleeding was very likely at the time of implantation. Big surprise for me! Good luck getting pregnant (we are trying or #3 right now).


Jen - April 15

Teresa: how much bleeding? I have had a very light period (2 days very light), no real cramping....had PMS symptoms though and my temps did drop. Don't know if I am preg or if my system is just a mess.


Renee - April 17

It was implantation bleeding, I'm pregnant (second round of Clomid)! My bleeding lasted 6 days, days 18-23. It was mainly pink when I wiped after urinating. On day 22 a spot of pink blood appeared on my underwear (size of a dime), and day 23 a size of dime brown spot appeared.


Shannon - July 6

Can implantation bleeding appear as a normal period, and last as long as a normal one?


Danisha - July 7

Shannon, I would like to know the answer myself. I was supposed to begin my af on 7/8, but I started spotting on 7/3. I spotted without the protection of a pad or tampon until 7/5 and then my af came down. Of course, I took a test on Tuesday and it was negative. But I was sure of it that it would be positive. I am depressed about it because I thought that I was pregnant just because of what I was reading about implantation bleeding. I had no other signs of pregnancy. Today, I still have af and it is getting lighter, I guess. But I still wish that there is still a way for me to be pregnant. Am I? I will try to take another test some time next week.


Ann - July 13

Congratulations Renee! Your success story gives me hope. This is my first round of Clomid. I'm having bleeding which started on day 18, similar to you. It's not what I would consider to be "light" bleeding though. At first I thought it was implantation bleeding, but now I'm not so sure. Can I ask how heavy or light your bleeding was? Anyone else have any insight?


ERIN - July 18

I am on day 17 after using clomid for the first time and started bleeding. I am also cramping and my breasts are sore. My temps have been high the entire time since using the clomid so I am not sure I ovulated. Is it possible that I am pregnant or just having problems with clomid?


urszula - September 13


I have a similar problem. I just started clomid a month ago, and I had my period two days ago. However, my bleeding was kind of brown, and I had only for 2 days. Normally it takes 5 days and it's very painful, but not this time. Among everything, I am feeling very weird, like I still have cramps and I feel sick in my stomach. I can't figure out if it is the clomid or not. I took the pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. I am still not fully convinced that I am not pregnant, or I am just hopeless ;-)


pandorasbox20 - May 12

I too have been having that problem. last month was my second round of clomid.I thought I charted right but on the 31CD i started bleeding lightly. it was pink and brown but by that evening it was red but still light. I figured it was my monthly. 24 hours in it stopped and I was confused, not normal. Then it started againthe next night and lasted about 4 hours before stopping. I took my second dose of clomid last night and now worry that it might not be my period at all. i don't want to stop the clomid and miss my window but i don't want to jepordize a potential pregnancy. Took a pregnancy test yesterday and it sad negative. I just want to scream "whats going on".


KJM - April 25

Im having the same problem. I'm cd 18 and 8 days since last clomid pill and started spotting last night and this morning and I have been feeling like af for about the last 4 days.


abi_77 - April 25

KJM your's sounds like ovulation bleeding. Some women can bleed when the follicle ruptures to release the egg.



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