has anyone had an HSG??
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Susan - August 18

I had my HSG a few days ago. It wasn't as scary as I imagined although it was kind of unpleasant because they had to try three times to get the catheter into my cervix. I am experiencing a white discharge too. My results were normal so it was well worth the discomfort.


Mary - August 23

I had an HSG last Friday. It wasn't too bad, just slight cramping. I did feel exhausted after it was over. Probably because I worried about it so much beforehand


stephanie - August 24

i had my hsg. i took valium before hand it is was still very painful. he said my cervix was completly closed and that was my problem most likely. i had a cone biopsy in Feb and he said that is what caused the scar tissue to close the cervix and block my left tube


Bump - August 25



T - August 25

Hie Stephanie, sorry about your results .. does that mean that you have no chance of gettting pregnant??



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