has anyone had an HSG??
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amber - April 21

I had my first HSG today. It was no worse than a pap smear, but that is not what I am upset about. My tubes were not blocked, but they were somewhat dilated. The radiologist wouldn't tell me anymore than this and I don't have an appointment with OB/GYN until next week. Help! What does this mean? I am worried that I may have had some unidentified infection at some point. Can anyone offer encouragement.


Celia - April 21

I had an HSG today was not painful at all just felt weird and felt pressure I did take a vicodin beforehand cause I was scared from all the stories. They found no blockages, the Dr. said I got an A lol. I felt very tired and nauseous after also cramping but nothing serious just like AF cramps.


Rachel - August 5

I just had mine yesterday. It was the most painful experience of my life. I do not have children yet, so I know nothing of labor, but I will tell you, I took pain reliever BEFORE the procedure, it did not help... I would have to have SERIOUS pain killers before doing it again. One tube was partially blocked and one was blocked completely, so they had to use more dye that could have something to do with the comfort level. I am usually reserved when having appointments or procedures, but I was in such pain, I was cursing, sweating and I wanted to vomit. I think the HSG is different depending on the person, I have painful menstrual cramps, but NOTHING like the excruciating pain that went with the procedure. Prepare for the worst, that way if there is only slight pain you will be pleasantly suprised.


KellyN - August 5

I had one a couple weeks ago. Took 400 mg before, but that was not enough. I recommend 800 mg. It was followed by af cramping that lasted about 20 minutes (but was quite painful), and then bled lightly for the rest of the day. Its not so bad I wouldn't do it again if I had to, but I would definitely take 800 mg. -kelly


Emmygyrle - August 11

I had my hsg on 08/08/05 wtg for results. A little painful, but bearable. Praying to conceive. Will keep you posted


Laura - August 11

I am soo scared. I have an HSG tomorrow and I have read scary all sorts of things about how much it hurts and that it can cause infections. I know it is for a good reason but I can't help being worried that this might cause a problem when I don't have blocked tubes in the first place. Still it is good to hear all your messages as you all survived!! Good luck to all!!!


Celia - August 11

I had an HSG 4-21-05 and now am 4 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!


eb - August 11

I had an hsg on 8/8/05 . It felt like very strong period cramps. I also got sick feeling. Not sure if it was from pain or nerves. Both of my tubes are completely blocked. I see a fertility specialist on 8/29. Anyone know what I can expect next. We have been trying for just over 1 year.


Laura - August 12

Just to say I had my HSG just now and it was not painful to me although I know it varies for everyone-My period pains are quite bad and this was no where near like that. And I asked about risk of infections/ damage to tubes and my doc said he had never heard of that in the years he had being doing them so not to worry! I realise my last post sounded very negative!


Susan - August 14

I am going for an HSG on Monday morning. I've been reading on a few websites that women have been given antibiotics to take before and after the procedure to prevent infection. My doctor didn't give me an RX or mention anything about taking them to me. Did anyone here take antibiotics? I'm just so scared about the test and freaking out in general :)


Sara - August 14

Hi susan, i had an HSG about a year ago and it wasn't as bad as you think. I took a couple of ibprofen beforehand to help with the cramping. The risk of infection is rare, I have never heard of any cases. Good luck on Monday.


Becca - August 14

Susan-I just had an HSG and it wasn't bad at all, It wasn't even as uncomfortable as a normal papsmear. Just take some ibproufen before because you may get a little cramping when the dye is injected (no worse then normal period cramps). The antibiotics are because they are putting dye in your uterous so it is a precaution, not because you definitely will get an infection. FYI, the cathiter kind of feels like something is tickling your insides. It will be no more painful then a papsmear. Just remember to RELAX. You will do great!!!


eb - August 14

I had my hsg on 8/8 for the last couple of days have had thick white discharge with some mild cramping any of you guys experience this?


Susan - August 15

Thanks Sara and Becca. I appreciate your encouragement. I'm going to try and relax and just hope for the best. I think I'll feel better when it's over no matter what the results are.


Emmygyrle - August 18

Hi EB, I did experience a white discharge. I believe this is what happens after the test. Remember the dye has to leave the uterine cavity


Susan - August 18

I had my HSG a few days ago. It wasn't as scary as I imagined although it was kind of unpleasant because they had to try three times to get the catheter into my cervix. I am experiencing a white discharge too. My results were normal so it was well worth the discomfort.



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