has anyone had an HSG??
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Joanna - December 21

I was just wondering if anyone had an HSG? And if so, is it painful?


Pinkywantsbaby - December 21

Hi Joanna, I had 3 HSG's. lol 1 with old OB another with a new OB and my 3rd one with RE during Laparoscopy. I had no pain what so ever cause i took a pain killer:) before hand. Some women experience pain some dont. I only cramp alittle but thats it. TC hun Happy Holidays!


Erin - January 26

I had an HSG done today. My doc told me to take 800mg of Motrin before my appointment. It was painful for me. Kind of like a really bad period with intense cramps.


JS - January 27

Scuse my ignorance but what is a HSG?


Pam - January 30

I had an HGS in December and the Dr. said it would be like mild cramps. Well it was so painful I didn't go back to work. It was like cramps times 5.


tryin4baby - January 30

i had one done last month. the very intense pain lasted only about 30 seconds. then the rest of the day it was like mild cramps. i took 800 mg before hand. i was told that it is good if you feel the pain since that means the dye is moving through the tubes which is what you want. JS - an HSG is a hysterosalpingogram is an X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes which allows visualization of the inside of the uterus and tubes. The picture will reveal any abnormalities of the uterus as well as tubal problems such as blockage and dilation (hydrosalpinx). Good luck.


barbskelic - February 1

I had an HSG in early january - it was painful getting through the cervix on me - most women have cooperative cervixes and this is no problem. The pain was brief and after that it was just mild discomfort. I had cramping for the rest of the day and treated myself to one of those chocolate drinks at starbucks. that took care of it! :)


[email protected] - February 3

yes it was horrible


dana - February 9

I had a hsg done.I did not take any pain killers prior not thinking I had to. I couldn't get home fast enough from the hospital. It's like your in mini labour because you're uterus in contracting. It lasted about 3 hours. It was painful for me. I wouldn't do it again.


Nica - February 23

I had one last year. I took painkillers 2 hours beforehand as advised by doctor and really I didn't find the experience bad at all. It hurt like a menstrual cramp for about 10 seconds and that was it! I was very surprised at how easy it was. I walked home (over an hour) right after it! If your tubes are blocked I think that's when it hurts a lot more, but the good thing is the HSG usually clears the blockages. There is an increased likelihood of becoming pregnant for the first months after a HSG - that's good!


Mari - February 24

I had an HSG a couple months ago. I took an OTC pain pill and it was not that bad. It felt like mild to a little strong cramps for a couple of seconds than it was over. If you get one done don't forget to bring a pad because the fluid leaks out afterward.


tmommy24 - March 8

I had an HSG done and it was a little painful but only because I had blocked tubes but I was able to withstand the pain and the dye unblocked my tubes. My doctor said that I will probably be pregnant within the next two months


Sasha - March 25

Hi,I had one this week and for me it was very painful...to the point where I will never get another one. Again, its different for everyone. I am wondering if mine hurt because maybe my tubes are blocked. I won't find out for a few weeks. good luck


to Sasha - March 27

Why won't you find out for a few weeks? Just curious, because I found out right when they were doing the test! It was on a monitor...hope they give you your results sooner than that!


Kim - April 1

I had an HSG yesterday and it was very painful. When the dye was first inserted, I had mild cramping. I thought the 800 mg of ibuprofen I had taken an hour before was actually doing it's job. However, my right tube was blocked so the doctor inserted a 2nd dose of dye, and I thought I was going to die. It felt exactly like labor pains until my tube was flushed. The pressure then subsided. I had mild cramps afterward and I am very tender today. Good luck to anyone who has to have an HSG.


xpghergirl - April 1

HSG's are different for everyone. My first was a breeze, didn't understand what the hoopla was. Then the second one, w/adifferent radiologist, put two doses to overfill the tube for better pix and when that stuff hits your cervix, the pain knocked me off the table. The pain shot up my back and was horrible. It didn't last that long, once he quit adding the stuff used. Take the Motrin but pray they don't need to double dose you.


amber - April 21

I had my first HSG today. It was no worse than a pap smear, but that is not what I am upset about. My tubes were not blocked, but they were somewhat dilated. The radiologist wouldn't tell me anymore than this and I don't have an appointment with OB/GYN until next week. Help! What does this mean? I am worried that I may have had some unidentified infection at some point. Can anyone offer encouragement.



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