Has anyone gotten pregnant on the pill or the patch?
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Ann - May 5

I started using Ortho Evra (the patch) last week and had unprotected sex two days following the day I started it. I read that you are supposed to use back up for a week after starting... but my husband is stubborn so we didn't. Now I'm worried that if I get pregnant and I keep the patch on it could hurt the baby. i just had a miscarriage last month, and I know you are more fertile right afterwards. I definitely want another baby, but we are moving in July so we agreed it would be better to wait until after the move.Anyone with information would be appreciated! Thanks!


Nic - May 6

Hi Ann, how are you? It is possible to get pregnant on the patch or pill, a cousin of mine was on the pill for years and she concieved twins while taking it. As for the patch being harmful to an unborn baby should you be pregnant I really don't know. I think you need to get some professional advise about this from either doctor, nurse or pharmacist. Good luck to you, I hope it turns out the way you want it to.


ann - May 6

thanks nic. i have a follow up with my doctor in a week, so i will talk to him about it then.


Nic - May 6

Hi Ann how you feeling? Just wanted to let you know if you want to talk I usually check the forum daily, let me know how you get on with your doc x


jen - May 7

yes it is possible to get pg on the pill or patch. my sister in law has been pg 3 times in the past 2 years. she had 2 abortions and now is preg. again and keeping the baby (yippee:)) but she was on the pill every time!


ann - May 8

I'm a little confused because i started getting pregnancy sypmtoms (the breast tenderness and loss of hair, gagging when I brush my teeth, etc.) right before I had my miscarriage last month. i had a d&c and all of the symptoms stopped immediately. Now, two weeks later and 1 week past having sex my breasts are soooo sore and I just "feel" pregnant. But I don't know if my body is just trying to recover from the m/c or not. Of course I havn't had a period yet since it's only been two weeks. But like I said, I will worry until it does come because if I am pregnant, I don't want anything to hurt the baby... can't go through that again!!! My doctor said when I had the d&c to start the birth control the following sunday, which is what I did. I wonder if maybe these symptoms are just a reaction to the patch?? Hmm.. I have a lot to discuss with my doctor!! Thanks for your input ya'll!!



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