has anyone got any tips for foods/drinks to help ovulation
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helen - November 8

i would like to know if anyone can reccomend any foods or drinks i should be taking to aid ovulation


Mega - November 8

I've heard carrots & grapefruit juice can help you with your cm around O time. Couldn't hurt, at the very least. HTH!


am i being impatient - November 8

we were trying for a baby for over a year when we found out we were expecting in january unfortuanly in febuary i miscarried.i have been trying to get pregant since but nothings happened i would like to have tests to see if im ovulating,should i visit my dr or should i wait a few more months?


marie - November 8

i heard grapefruit juice and green tea is good for you stay away from diet fizzy drinks as they could be harming your chances


Danielle - November 8

i heard that there's a country in Africa that has a tribe with the highest natural twin birth rate and their diet mainly consists of yams...and it's almost thanksgiving so i'm sure you'll be able to find plenty right now :o). i heard that black tea increases fertility, also vitamins C, E, and B6 have been none to increase fertility because they balance out your hormones. i just started taking vitamins this cycle, so i'll let you know how they work out for me. *~*baby dust to you*~*



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