has anyone gone to a PSYCHIC for TTC guessing?
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laura - March 2

i was just wondering-if anyone has ever been to a psychic to knew if they would ever get pregnant and when ? just curious because i may seem insane but i went to one and it seems that what they said is kinda true-they guessed that i had fertility problems-when i would get help and what kind of help. just wondering other peoples experiences !


Dee - March 2

i saw one a while ago (when i was 18) and she said i was going to have a daughter before i was 20 and that never happened. i'm turning 23 this year and my dh and i have been trying for our first for about 2 yrs now with no luck at all. the psychic i talked to wasn't very accurate about anything (she also said a male relative that i was close to was going to die and that never happened either), but it was a cheap little place at the swap meet so i'm sure she wasn't a real psychic. i talked to this lady i work with and a friend of hers is a psychic that seems pretty real-she predicted that one girl in my office was going to have a miscarraige (and she did) and that another was going to get demoted (and she did too). so i think i'm going to see her and see what she has to say. at this rate i just want to know when/if i'll even have kids. well i hope your experience proves to be true and that everything works out. good luck and *baby dust*!!


Melissa - March 2

I went to a woman who is a psychic/energy balancer. She told me that she didn't think I would have a baby. A year later I got pregnant and I thought well she was wrong. I miscarried at 7 wks. So, then I thought she was right. Nine months later I got pregnant again but miscarried at 8 wks. The second one was in Aug 2005 and I haven't gotten pregnant again. I got pregnant on my own with those two and this time I took clomid for 3 cycles and femara for 1. No luck. We have unexplained infertility. I'm beginning to think she was right.


laura - March 2

no melissa--do not ever think she was right !!!!!!!! they are not god-sumpreme beings. it is really just for fun. ---but in my case it is kinda true. it is scary. ---aslo he said i would have some minor surgery---and it looks like things are also going in that direction---who knews--maybe just coincidences.


Mega - March 2

Melissa--I agree 100% with Laura, don't put stock in what that psychic said. I hope you prove her wrong! Has your dr tested you yet to find out why you keep m/c? I think like anything else some psychics have a gift & others not so much. But just b/c 1 psychic told you to give up your baby dreams, don't. Get a "2nd" opionion, so to speak. Good luck to you all!


BrendaW - March 3

I went to onwe and they said 12-15 months. That was 18 months ago and no baby. Just false hope.



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