Has anyone gone 2 weeks past period due date with BFN?
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cspears99 - November 30

I am now 2 weeks late for my period and because I am crazy I have taken like 10 tests, and all negative, anyone ever got a positive after that many negative?? I am always on a 31 day cycle first time late in a really long time?? We were just waiting for this cycle to start so we could start the Gonal-f injections but now I am worried my whole cycle being late and not pregnant it will screw it up??? Please help


newmommy - November 30

Oh, I'm there right now!!! I'm on cd 59 today! I had a m/c and d&c in March. I got AF about 6 weeks later, but then didn't get AF again. After over a 9-week cycle, I was prescribed provera, and AF started a few days after my 10-day prescription of pills ended. Since then, I had 2 regular cycles (mine are 38-42 days), and now this one. I got provera again, so hopefully we can get things moving again. I'm not on any fertility meds yet, so I'm not positive how this works with your injections. But I think that pretty much, a new cycle is a fresh start, so your past cycle shouldn't have too much to do with your new cycle when it finally starts. I'd ask about the provera. I hate the feeling of just sitting and waiting--I feel like I'm wasting time!!!! Good luck!


cspears99 - November 30

This is just awful, I am so sorry to hear about your m/c, I am going crazy, so the provera helps to start your period, I guess I will call them today and see what I should do, I just can't wait any longer, thank you so much for your advice and I wish you the best!! good luck to you too. Cheryl


cspears99 - November 30

Hi newmommy thanks for the advice I called my Dr and I am going in today for my Provera shot, thanks again!! :-)



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