Has anyone felt like this?
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al - April 29

I have only been trying a few months with my husband and we really want a baby. I charted religiously, checked cm, cervix positions etc etc and this month i'm almost so non chalent about it that i dont know whats wrong with me. I got my ov date wrong, it came earlier than expected but we did bd 2 nights that might have gotten me pregnant but i just dont seem to care this month. Is this weird? Anyone else go through this?


~K~ - April 29

No not uncommon. I am trying to concieve now again after a M/C and i seem to care less then i did before. Not that i dont care... like i told my husband i just dont want to keep getting my hopes up and then shot down again. Having a baby would be the gift of a life time, i am on clomid now and waiting to see how it works after this cycle. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


al - April 30

thanx k, it's nice to know i'm normal. I dont know what is up with me.I'm surprised your the only one that answered me.


~K~ - April 30

yeah i know... i posted something entitled clomid and cranky and didnt get one response. feel free to contact me. My name is KIM


al - April 30

sorry kim i know nothing about clomid, i wish i could help u out.


~K~ - April 30

Al... No problem. I did alot of research on clomid the past few days and i found that moodiness is a symptom. LOL... i am so cranky, how is my husband suppose to want to make love to me. Kind of ironic huh.


al - April 30

~k~sometimes maybe its mind over matter... count to 10 before you speak and smile while your talking and i heard that your voice will mimick the smile. who knows but that was a trick i once heard for answering the phone if your in a crappy mood and dont want people to know. Also make sure you eat small snacks so your body isnt hungry which can make us grumpy, and get extra rest. do you have any relaxation tapes you can listen too?


Jennifer - May 1

I have been trying for 7 years. I definitely act different than I used to. It isn't that I don't care, it's just that I was driving myself crazy with wanting it so bad. I think this is how we protect ourselves from being so hurt.


Amy - May 1

Hey kim. I have a question please. It is not to do with clomid. I hope you will still help me if you can. My husband and i have had unprotected sex a few times in the last few weeks. For probably about a week or a little longer, i have felt kinda different. I have noticed, slightly tender breasts, weird feeling in lower stomach, moody, more frequent headaches, feeling sick to my stomach, but not throwing up and some very light bleeding which has been a slight brownish color. I took a pregnancy test friday morning. it came up negative. but i still feel like i may be pregnant. I am not sure though. The test i took was an equate brand from wal-mart. Please help me. do you think the test could be right? or do you think i should test again? I used to be on the depo shot, but my last shot was september of last year. My periods have been irregular, but never so light and never with that brownish color. Is there any way you know to help me? Thank you.



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