Has anyone experienced this.....?
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Lilly - November 23

I am currently on CD13 of a very regular 25-28 day cycle. However, I have had very little CM & no EWCM. Is this unusual? Could it mean that I am not ovulating? This is my first month tracking & from everything I have read I should have CM following AF & EWCM when I am about to O. With AF always being regular, I have never even though about the fact that I may not be Oing. Anyone have any ideas or experience the same thing?????


KA - November 23

I'm honestly not sure, but am also experiencing something similar & would be interested in finding out what is going on as well!


T - November 23

I did not always see ewcm either. But it would come occasionally. The month I did conceive, I did have it. But this great book I have says that you should look for the wettest day of your cycle. You could also look into Pre seed lube to help. The book is called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Have you tried the opk's?


Lilly - November 23

T, thanks for your response. I have been trying OPK's this month. So far, they have all been negative. Although lately my negative strip has been much closer in color to my positive strip than it was when I first started testing. I don't know if that means anything...is a negative a negative no matter what, regardless if it's close in color to the positive? Also, the directions say that you should not go to the bathroom for at least 4 hours before testing, by the time I get to 3 hours I am about to pop & there is no way that I can make it another hour, so I doin't know if that is effecting the outcome or the test as well. I will definitely look into pre seed lube though. Is it available at any pharmacy?


Mega - November 23

Hi Lilly. I'd chart another 2 or 3 cycles before worrying. It's perfectly normal to have 1 or 2 cycles a year where you don't ovulate. It happens to everyone occassionally from what I've heard. If however, you chart another 2 cycles or so & don't ovulate then either then definitely get that checked out. That could indicate a problem such as thyroid or even pcos in some rare cases. Also, since you're only on CD 13, you could O a little later in your cycle. However, if you do, it might indicate a leutal phase defect (10 days or less from O to AF), and that should be checked out as well. It's wonderful that you're charting, the info you learn can be very valuable. Good luck! Hang in there!!!



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