Has anyone ever taken Provera to induce af?
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Ali Jo - June 27

I took provera for 5 days twice a day. I finished taking them this past Tuesday. I haven't had a period yet just some bleeding when I go to the bathroom (wiping only...I know TMI!). I am supposed to start clomid on day 5. Does what I am having count?


mia - July 3

I would check with your doctor, but I was always told that you count the first day as your first heavy flow day. I don't think you should start counting yet. Hope it kicks in soon and the clomid works for ya right away!


mia - July 3

thanks kelly2. AF finally arrived and I got to take my clomid. I supposedly ovulated. SOOO excited about it. I'm 2 or 3dpo right now, so now I just have to wait..
The 2 week wait is so hard. Hopefully it works!! Did AF arrive for you or do you have good news?


mia - July 19

AF is here. Almost had to take provera. My lp was really long and dr didn't think AF would show on it's own. But, thankfully it's here today. Going to my RE tomorrow to discuss IUI.


SandR - June 24

Hello Mia and everyone! I am sooo glad to have found all of you to talk to. Here is my story. My periods have been irregular ever since I first got them. I was on bc for about 8 years. When I stopped at the end of Sept. 2005, I had a 45 day then 38 day cycle, and no period now sice Xmas eve!! I was taking temps until the end of April, but decided to stop, as nothing was changing, no ovulations or anything. I waited to FINALLY get into seeing a gynocologist just last week. They told me that my ultrasound looked fine, cervix looked good (pap test). They told me that I do have some very tiny cycts on my one ovary, but nothing of alarm. They think I have polocystic ovaries, but I too, have to test for thyroid and pituitary diseases once I get af to rule them out. They said that if this is what it is, they will have to controll the hormone levels for me in 2 ways:
1. when ttc - doces of progesterone to keep me having periods
2. bc pills when I don't want to get prego.
Anyways, we are ttc, so finally I got a prescription to Provera for 5 days. I took the last one on tuesday. I do want to ask: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE NOW TO GET MY PERIOD?
Anyways, so I look forward to af hopefully in the next few days/weeks (?). On days 2-4, I will be getting the blood tests done for the symptoms they want to rule out, and I go back in early august to start Clomid!!!!! I am however not too confident that they won't give me another dose of Provera then to give me af....again...
It has been so frustrating, and so long of a wait to get to where I am and still looks like light years to get to where I want to be. Believe me, I know how hard it is to even worry about ovulating when you don't event have periods for 6 months!
I would be happy to get some advise from anyone in the same situation. !!!


stepmommel - June 24

SandR, you should get your period I believe 10-12 days after finishing the provera. I took it a few months back and that was how it worked for me. I don't have much other to offer you other than that. I am starting Clomid next cycle, which is very irregular so who knows when that will be. Let's hope that both of us are lucky like Heather was and we get BFP our first try! Baby dust to you!


SandR - June 24

Thanks. I actually spotted this morning, so I wonder if I will get it over the weekend. I should wait until the 1st day of heavy flow to start counting the days, right. I have to go get all those blood tests on day 2-4 .


stepmommel - June 24

That's what I've always been told by my doctors. Don't count spotting as day one. Just count real blood flow. Might want to call the doc to be sure though. Well, good luck. I too get excited over anything that means getting to start me ovulating!


vanessa1974 - June 29

Hi I have just taken provera (10mg twice a day) for 7 days. Took last pill 8 days ago and no AF yet. Has anyone else had this problem and what did they do?


pm1307 - June 29

i took provera for 10 days and 3 days later after my last pill i got AF, cramps were pretty bad but it was a normal 7 day period.hopefully the metformin will bring on my AF and i wont have to take provera.



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