Has anyone ever taken Provera to induce af?
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MIA - May 20

Has anyone ever been told to take 5 provera -10mg pills all in one dose(1 day), I have always struggled with amenorrhea and am on cd 57 with no OV or AF in sight. Doctor prescribed provera a one time dose of 5 pills. I am extremely nervous to take them all at once!! I've never heard of anyone doing that. Anybody here? I almost want to take one a day for 5 days, even thought that's not what he told me to do. I am going to start clomid 100mg when af finally starts. TTC and very frustrated with not being able to start the clomid yet.


Kelly - May 21

Hi Mia, I would be a little nervous myself about that. I took provera once a day for five days and af came 8 days later. Maybe you should ask a pharmacist. Most of the time they know best about "how" the medication should be taken. Good luck and baby wishes to you!!!!


MIA - May 24

Thanks Kelly. I am going to give it till the weekend and if I don't ovulate or get a period by then, I'm going to take one a day.


Crystal - May 24

This last round was my third time with provera. I have taken 10 pills all times for ten days. I have always started af within 5 days after that. It is kind of weird I think to take all 5 at one time. You may want to get a second opinion on that.


char - May 27

I have taken provera 2x previous to now the moods are normal I thought that everyone around me was afraid hahaha I am now ttc and have pcos my dr. has given me 7 provera 1 a day and I can start clomid on day 5-9 I am so excited about the clomid I have learned so much in these sites baby dust to you all GOOD LUCK


mia - June 1

I finally Ovulated over the weekend, so I get to avoid provera. Sooo happy about it. I'm starting clomid when/if AF arrives. With an 80 days cycle, I'm guessing my prego chances aren't high this cycle. But, ya never know. Either way, I relieved this cycle is over and I'm on to the clomid.


kelly2 - June 1

(There is another kelly, so I will be kelly2) :-) I just did 10 days of 10mg of progesterone to start my period. It started on the 8th day, stopped for a day or two and then started again a few days ago. Is this the same medicine as provera? My period stopped for about 3 months, that is why I took it.


bump - June 2



mia - June 5

Kelly2, Yes, it sounds to me like you took provera. It is usually taken in 10mg little pills for 5,7,or 10 days. Glad to hear your period arrived.


kelly2 - June 6

Mia I was just reading your previous post. Is there any medical reason why your cycles are so long? That must be so frustrating!! I hope that you have good luck with the clomid. My period ended a few days ago and I am just waiting to see if there are any signs of ovulation next week.


Mia - June 7

Kelly2, I haven't been given any medical reason. I've been this way since I was 12 years old and I'm turning 30 in a couple months. It's so upsetting. I've had thyroid tests, blood tests and they just tell me "it's some hormone imbalance". But, they haven't figured out how to correct it. My mom was the same way, but she got regular after having my sister.

I hope you ovulate soon!


Sara - June 14

Well all I can give you is encouragement...hang in there. Where there is a will there is a way. I have two family members with the same problem and my cousin is now having her second child. Don't give up. PRAY about it.


Dana - June 15

Wow, I am so happy to hear some of your stories as I am in the same boat. My dh and friends are supportive but don't quite understand. I am on Day 6 of the Provera and after getting af I have a month of testing and another round of Provera before I can start the clomid. Mia- I've been the same way since I was young, 2-3 af a year and no one can explain why. Sigh. Good luck to all of you!!


mia - June 17

Dana, I hope you get pregnant soon. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets af only 3 or 4 times.
I just started the clomid today 100mg. Hoping the side effects aren't too bad this time around. I just found out my sister is pregnant with #6. Sure don't know why she has the fertile genes and I don't. I've been crying all day. Hope you get af soon and this is your month!


kelly2 - June 17

Hi Mia - Sorry to hear that you had a bad day today, but I have heard great things about Clomid, I really hope that it works for you. I am on day 23 of my cycle, now. I think that I ovulated about a week ago, but I am not totally sure, of course. I don't really feel anything, a bit "bubbly" in my lower belly and a few cramps here and there, but no sore boobs or spotting or anything. Keep us posted on yoru progress. Take care and best wishes.


Ali Jo - June 27

I took provera for 5 days twice a day. I finished taking them this past Tuesday. I haven't had a period yet just some bleeding when I go to the bathroom (wiping only...I know TMI!). I am supposed to start clomid on day 5. Does what I am having count?



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