Has anyone ever taken Provera to induce af?
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KA - April 18

My doc put me on 10mg provera for 7 days to induce af.( I did not ovulate last month and af did not show). She wanted me to go ahead and have af start so I can begin clomid. I also found out that I do not ovulate every month. I hope this works. I am depressed and need a little encouragement. Hope someone out there has some.


Heather - April 18

KA... Here comes the encouragement... I have taken provera 3 times now... I didn't O every month either & AF was/is always irregular. My dr put me on provera for 10days (10mg) and then I started the clomid. I O'd the first month of clomid and got pg that very month! Good luck!!


KA - April 19

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! You have made my day. I start the provera today. I will keep you posted. How far along are you??


Crystal - April 19

I have taken provera once before but it didnt regulate af. I never have a period, unless I am on birth control. I havent had af since the last time I took provera. I took provera and started af on the 28th. I also took clomid days 5-9. I went for my 21 day test yesterday to see if I ovulated. Keep me in your prayers.


provera is bad - April 19

I heard provera is very bad.


Heather - April 19

KA - Good luck to you!! Unfortunately I had a m/c but it had nothing to do with the provera or clomid. Blighted ovum... Chromosomes just didn't fuse right. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I'm on day 3 of my clomid now. I just finished the provera last week.


Jennifer - April 19

I am on my seventh day of provera I am hoping that it works and I have my clomid waiting to take it on days 5-9. I am so moody is that normal with provera?


erica - April 19

What is provera for. My dc told me to take provera. But I'm getting my menstrual every month but light. If I'm pregnant is it bad for the baby.


Jennifer - April 19

I am probably going to sound stupid but what is a/f


erica - April 19

I been ttc for 3 months, I was on bc for 5 years my last dose was on 1/05 the patch. I had a period on feb and march 30 was my last period very light I had a blood test done on the 15th of April and it was negative. I assume my ovulation day was the 12th of April therefore my bf is concerned. What if I'm pregnant these month. What should I do. Should I take it or not? Is it necessary since I been getting af every month.


Crystal - April 19

a/f is your period ....aunt flow


KA - April 20

Thanks Heather! I will say a special prayer for you. Keep us posted :-) Crystal, I hope you ovulated and please let us know if you did. BEST OF LUCK!!!


Heather - April 20

Thanks KA... Same to you... You're in my prayers. :) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


Crystal - April 22

Geuss what guys I ovulated. The only thing is that I had my 21 day test at the dr on monday but the opk test had two lines on tuesday. So I ovulated either tuesday or wed. Im so excited. I really hope we get pregnant this round. This was our first round of clomid. I got my results from the dr and they said my progesterone was low, but like I said the opk test didnt show positive ovualtion until the day after those test. I told the dr that but if I start af then the still want to increase it to 100mg. Is that ok if I am ovulating on 50mg. Is there a such thing as taking to much? Baby dust to you all!!!


Katy - April 22

Yep- I'm in the same boat, haven't gotten Af or ovulated in months. Just finished Provera & now waiting for AF to show then I will start Clomid as well. GOOD Luck, don't worry you'll be fine.


Jenny - May 10

Erica iam in the same boat as you. If iam pregnant and my test show negative but i take provera will it hurt me?


MIA - May 20

Has anyone ever been told to take 5 provera -10mg pills all in one dose(1 day), I have always struggled with amenorrhea and am on cd 57 with no OV or AF in sight. Doctor prescribed provera a one time dose of 5 pills. I am extremely nervous to take them all at once!! I've never heard of anyone doing that. Anybody here? I almost want to take one a day for 5 days, even thought that's not what he told me to do. I am going to start clomid 100mg when af finally starts. TTC and very frustrated with not being able to start the clomid yet.



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