Has anyone ever heard of this?
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Bekah - April 15

I am 28 years old and recently married. I really have never thought about having children until I got with my now husband. We have had unprotected sex for a year and a half...never a pregnancy...a few times we though I was, but flase alarm. It now is getting to me that I haven't been able to get pregnant. We haven't been following the rules of basal body temps and ovulation kits and all..we have just been having sex unprotected. I recently went to my Gyn..and he said everything looks "normal". He said that he did not want to give me a fertility exam yet, he thinks it is because of my irregular cycles. sometimes 30 days between cycles, sometimes 40 days in between, sometimes skip months at a time, that's why I having difficulty conceiving. He suggested that I go on birth control pills to regulate my cycle for 3 months and then stop taking them and try to start conceiving, he said it may take a few months to conceive but he said the pills will regulate my period and make it easier to conceive. Will this work? Anyone feel free to answer.


sorry to hear - April 15

pills made me very regular but went off them in 98. went back on last year and tried 3 different kinds and they messed me up big time. cramps, breast pain, yeast infections galore ugh. i will never go back on them again.


Heather - April 15

Bekah - Chances are you are not ovulating? I'm curious... Were you on the pill for any period of time already? I was on it for 8 years and went off a month after I married. DH and I were having protected sex but my periods were very irregular. I think I had a total of 8 periods in a year an a half. I would skip 3 months and then have 3 periods over an 8 week spand. My dr said I was not ovulating and put me on clomid right away. I have to take provera to force my period, because God only knows when it will come and then I take clomid to force ovulation. You should ask your dr about this option.


Kelly - April 15

My dr. suggested the same thing but my periods were shorter cycles. I went on them and they regulated my cycle, but it caused lots of spotting problems, periods were painful, and headaches. I guess my body does not like bcp. Anyway, my dr. has started me on Clomid, which also helps to regulate your cycle and stimulate your ovaries to ovulate. I feel like the bcp was a waste of time. Ask you dr. if he would consider putting on Clomid instead...of course I am no dr. Good luck :)


Heather - April 15

Kelly I agree with you 100%... I think that birth control pills are a waste of time when ttc. I'm confused as to why dr's prescribe that instead of something like clomid.


Bekah - April 16

Thank you all for your responses. I thought it was kind of odd that the DR suggested this. I did not know there was such a thing as Clomid that would do such a thing. What are its side effects and wht's the process you have to go through and how effective is it?


stacey - April 16

Def. don't do bc pills. I would try to chart temps for a cycle (fertilityfriend.com), atleast that will let you know if you are ovulating.


Another Heather - April 17

Look into the ovulation method, also called Billings Method. It teaches you how to read your cervical mucous so you know when you are fertile or when your not so you can increase your chances. If it turns out your not ovulating then you'd know it and then maybe the dr would put you on clomid. Good Luck!


Kelly - April 18

You can find out about clomid by looking at some of the other questions on this forum. The ladies here are full of great advice and know a lot from first hand experience! :-)


Dannie - April 21

Try Agnus Castus Supplement for a natural alternative!!



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