Has anyone ever heard of the OV-Watch?
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Dequom - January 17

I was doing some research and came across this site
Check it out and tell me what you guys think


mommy2josh - January 17

Dequom, I posted the same question about 5 months ago, asking someone who has tried it to comment on it. I never got a response. It looks really cool, but so expensive. May be I will try it next month, because I can never catch my surge with the opk's. Good luck and if you get it I would love to get feedback from you. :)


meme_g - January 17

Hi there - I have used the OV Watch. It was dead on with my physical symptoms and was very easy to use. I didn't get pg which was disappointing especially since we followed the instructions perfectly in terms of timing bd. I just had a lap done though and they found endo and adhesions/glue like stuff on my ovaries and tubes so it may not have mattered how well I was timing with those issues going on. Since I'm all cleaned out so to speak, I am thinking about getting another sensor and trying again this month. Like I said - it detected things accurately according to my physical symptoms as well - EWCM and temp drop and then rise - it was all dead on so I know the watch was working. Good luck!


Dequom - January 18

Yeah....I was all set to order with out even checking the price but when I did see how much it cost I just really had to take a step back.....lol......I believe I'm still going to get it though....after I get over the initial shock on the price....lol......on a serious note...it looks like a good investment in the long run and even after or if you achieve you desired results you can even pass it on....I know a good many people that could use something like this....



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